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A news app. Done.

Newspapers, Press Agencies or local news media with your news app, you reach your readers in real-time where they spend the most time: their phone.

  • 1-click subscriptions (in-app purchases)
  • Editorial team
  • Automatic push notifications
  • Ad networks
  • Editorial planning
  • Wordpress integration

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Make money from your content

Two ways to monetize, perfectly adapted to news apps

In-App purchase

The easiest way to monetize your app: offer certain parts of your content for free while giving your readers an opportunity to upgrade to a paid subscription for full access.


Display ads on your app

You can either display ads from 4 major ad networks (Admob, Ad Manager, Google AdSense, and Facebook ads) or create your own ads, giving you the opportunity to sell ads placement in your app.

Get discovered. Become unforgettable

Rank on search engine and benefit from App Stores notoriety

Web App and AMP technology

The Progressive Web App (PWA) is the web version of your native app and its perfect complement. Designed to work optimally on any device (mobile, tablet and desktop), it doesn’t require any download. It’s a great tool to reach a different audience that may not be keen yet in downloading your app.
Essential for your SEO, PWAs are not only indexed by the search engines, helping you gain visibility and rank higher on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) but your articles, videos and podcast pages also benefit from the AMP technology. Created by Google, the Accelerated Mobile Pages technology is aimed at making it easier and faster to load web pages on mobile phones. Google highlights AMP by displaying them in the AMP carousel at the top of the first results pages, or in the traditional result pages with the AMP label. Once your readers become more interested, then the smart app banner is the perfect way to

iOS and Android native apps

Once published in the App Store and Google Play, your native iOS and Android apps have many advantages: not only visibility via ASO (App Store Optimization) and notoriety thanks to user comments and ratings but also increased users’ retention as it provides the best experience on mobile . In 2020, News apps managed to retain double-digit retention rates, with 13.33% still using the app after 30 days of installation.(*SEMRush)
Speed, intuitive navigation, access to the native features of the devices they’re installed on, push notifications, native apps are the ultimate user experience for your readers.

The modern newsroom. Your way

Advanced settings to manage your team and plan your editorial

Manage your team

You don’t have to do it alone. With Fast Mobile Apps back office, you can create and manage your team of journalists. As the owner of your app, you have an Administrator status. This status allows you to grant access to the back office to your team of collaborators and set the level of access rights (Administrator or the more limited User status) of each of them. You can also define exactly where they’ll contribute: access to the CMS, or push notifications, who can help you update or publish the app and many more options.

Plan and Manage your editorial

Fast Mobile App back office allows you to easily create, format, update and publish your content on your app. You will find many features very useful to plan and manage your editorial
Content status management: you can choose the status of your content (Published, Delay or Draft) to easily manage your publication.
Delayed publication: the perfect planning tool to choose in advance the day and time of publication of your articles. And many more.

Push notifications : Breaking news. On your app. First.

Keep your readers in the loop and spark their interest with a notification that can nudge them into returning to your app

Breaking news #1 feature: Instant notification

Thanks to instant push notifications, be the first one to share breaking news to your readers. Simply write and send breaking news in one click from your GoodBarber back office.Trulli

Increase engagement with scheduled notifications

Push notifications are a great marketing tool and a proven strategy to increase engagement. A study shows that push notifications increase app engagement by 88%. (*Business of Apps). Create the right communication strategy tailored to your readers’ needs with our scheduled push notification. Plan ahead, select your target and schedule accordingly.

Personalized push notifications

Your readers can select the type of push notifications they want to receive. They will only be alerted to stories relevant to their interest. Once they decide to opt in to your notifications, their engagement is almost a guarantee.Trulli

All your content within one interface

A CMS to write the news and connectors to synchronize them

Create all types of content with our CMS

Fast Mobile Apps CMS allows you to easily create and publish content in different formats: Articles, podcast, live video streaming, images, map or events. Choose from a wide range of features and add-ons to provide the news your readers expect.Trulli

More than 30 connectors

Thanks to our connectors (WordPress, Youtube, RSS, Podcast Feed, Vimeo, Twitter), content from your external source is synchronized and formatted to match the display standards and design of your news app. You’ll never have to worry about double publishing anymore. The work is done for you.Trulli

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