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where online marketing is not a just a ‘buzz word’

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Specialist Online Marketing Agency

With its roots firmly immersed in Google (the owner of the online universe).

We are one of South Africa’s highly skilled and most successful SEO agency, who offers a unique range of World Class digital marketing services. Our strategies, methodologies and philosophies are uncomplicated, non-traditional, and are approached in a targeted manner.

Online Marketing is where our specialty lays – more specifically SEO, PPC and Lead Generation. We have over 15 years solid knowledge and experience and are currently seen as pioneers in the online marketing industry.

Our holistic approach encompasses analysing the various personas and user behavior on various search engines who engage using different devices, while attracting them to your website in efforts to convert these users into customers.

Some of our Online Marketing Services includes:

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340+ Clients Can’t Be Wrong

Some Corporate / Blue Chip Clients:

Corporate Clients

Some of our SMME Clients:




Why a Whopping 97% of businesses choose us:

  • We deliver hot, ready-to-buy prospects way faster than any other agency
  • We don’t mess-around with your money – we make it sweat! getting you bank for buck.
  • We’ve battle-tested over 219 different industries and niches.
  • We generated over 6.4 million leads over the last 5 years for our clients.
  • We guarantee ROI in any industry, or we work for free until we can.
  • Guaranteed to get you page 1 ranking on Google within 3 months or we work for free.
  • 93% of our clients rank in the first month (yearly average).
  • We have a 100% success rate (over the last 6 years) ie: there isn’t a client we cannot rank or get leads for.
  • We have a client retention rate of 87%, which means we must be doing something right!
  • We will beat any written quote or your SEO is Free – provided we are comparing ‘apples with apples’ (Ps: we generally eat the other ‘apples’).
  • We are a no finger-pointing, no excuses, no bullshit, no nonsense agency.
  • Everything is urgent to us, so no silly time-wasting, delay-tactics or ‘it-takes-a-few-days-to-do’ techniques used.

More (Fluffy) Facts:

  • Have over 18 years solid digital knowledge and experience
  • Voted one of Best SEO Agency’s in SA (2 years.)
  • Featured on many TV Shows and Radio stations (which we didn’t pay for ie: not a PR stunt). (Video’s below)
  • 100% Black Owned – BBBEE Level 1


Oops we almost forgot to brag about:

Featured on the following TV Shows,

Networks, Radio Stations & Publications:


Oozing with Confidence

We Put our money where our mouth is!

Our MD, Yoray Narainpersad unpacks digital marketing, demystifies SEO, gives solid advice and tips as well as boldly offers performance and KPI guarantees live on TV…


We have been interviewed on many TV Shows and Radio Stations, such as:

  • Flip-Side of the Coin
  • Business Day TV
  • Small Biz MBA
  • Digitize your Business
  • Financial Mail
  • Hot 91.9
  • NSBC Radio Show



Wise or ‘Crazy’ words from our MD

You better saddle up!

Our MD talks about using advanced SEO techniques to maximize your business presence.

He holds nothing back and gives advice, cool tips, and quick-wins to get your website ranking fast.

Hope You’re Hungry? Cos…

The Proof is Always in the Pudding:


Below are some real client reports showcasing the actual keywords rankings on the specific search engines. Click to open and close.

How to quickly understand the reports:

  • The main search engine is highlighted with an orange border
  • If a keyword is in positions 1 to 10, then this keyword is featured on the first page of the search engine highlighted in orange.
  • Positions 11 to 20 means the keyword is on Page 2;
  • Positions 21 to 30 means the keyword is on Page 3 etc


You will also notice on the screen shots below:


  • ‘Thumbnail’ or ‘images’ – that keyword also features an image under the images section of Google
  • ‘Local Pack’ – that keyword also features on Google my Business near you.
  • ‘Reviews’ – that keyword also triggers a review
  • ‘Featured Snippet’ – that keyword also triggers a featured snippet, which means Google automatically chooses your website’s content to be displayed at the very top, as your website is seen as the most credible source of information for this keyword.

Actual Client's SEO Reports:
















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We’ve been there many times before and…

We get you! We are in the same boat

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Just sit tight as we have the expertise and experience as we have ‘busted our balls’ and worked deep in the trenches for years, battle-testing strategies, performing trial and error campaigns, finding the best possible conversions at the best cost at lightning speed.


So we understand fully when clients come to us and really needing to get a return on investment. We know how to take R1 and get a return of R3, R5, or even R10+ (better investment than banks).


We are in the business of building Businesses…


No more ‘Hoping and Praying’ no more Guess-work – get the scientific approach to digital marketing.



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