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mobile app usage in south Africa


South Africa has finally saw the light when it comes to mobile app usage in south Africa as studies shoes that more and more people are adapting to mobile apps and relying on them to improve their lives every day. With the increase in the number of people using smartphones every day this means more work opportunities for mobile app agencies (check out generally, the increase in smartphone usage means more mobile app usage in south Africa should be available. There may be millions of apps in the Google play store or Apple store that appeal to people on a global level, but not every country has the same needs and different apps may be more important to people. depending on how they operate on a daily basis.


In the African continent, South Africa is leading the way when it comes to mobile application development, and apps usage in the and this is only increasing, and it is safe to say that mobile app usage in south Africa is also on the rise. In the past the mobile apps that were famous were your everyday social network apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter but recently the mobile app usage in south Africa have evolved and adopted many apps that helps with their daily lives including the most famous uber app, whether, and the everyone’s favourite mobile app banking that helps people to be able to manage, buy and pay for their bills on their smart phones. Recently the mobile app usage in south Africa has even grew to an extent of uber eat which is really making life easy for everyone because basically you can have food delivered at your door step in just one click.


According to SovTech in 2014, 9.7 million people were using smartphones in South Africa. It has grown to 16.1 million in 2017. On the rise, it is expected that by 2021, this number is going to increase to 21.9 million users. If you see the trend, usage of smartphones is on the rise in South Africa. mobile app usage in south Africa has also dominated in the lives of women because they spend almost all their time shopping online and seek lifestyle information, while men seek sports and technology videos. The report reveals that almost half of mobile app usage in south Africa users (45%), access the web on their smartphones more than eight times a day. Online shopping, lifestyle, travel and entertainment tend to be more relevant for women, whereas men watch more videos related to technology and sports.