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Mobile app marketing insights 


Mobile app marketing insights is generally how consumers really find and use your apps furthermore, marketing insights are the result of applying human thought and reasoning to analysed data, searching for and producing a directional change is the way we think or the way we act. The desired attributes of mobile app marketing insights are that they shift understanding, have endurance, and can only be put into proper context by the human mind. People spend almost all their time on their phones and according to Nielsen (mobile app experts) people are spending an average of 30 hours per month in their mobile apps and they have slowly become an integral part of our daily micro-moments.


Naturally most installed mobile apps are not used often. The average app user has 36 apps installed on people’s smartphone. Only one in four of those apps are used daily, while 1 in 4 apps are never used. The most common types of apps used daily are social/communication and gaming apps avoid having your app to be in one of the ones that are never used. Mobile app marketing insights helps to increase number of people visiting your site every day and increase mobile app returns.


How to make sure your app stands out for the rest:

  • Focus on Engagement and Re-engagement

People use an app that makes their daily routine easier and serves a specific purpose. Keeping consumers busy at browsing an app is more challenging than making them download it. It is important that you engage them when they really need to use the app.

  • Make Your Apps Search-Friendly

App consumers do not limit their search to the app store when searching for newer and better apps. In fact, only 40% of smartphone users browse for apps in the app store. Though app stores are still popular in terms of searching fitness, music, gaming related apps, they are not the sole source of apps discovery.

  • Communicate the brand value of an app.

Make ads look creative that helps people relate their own story of success. Use short stories and associate them with mobile app marketing messages.


When considering to increase your mobile app marketing insights as yourself the following questions:

  1. What makes people not only download apps but also use them frequently?
  2. Do we really need to dump another app to the app store when there are similar apps already available?
  3. How do we make our apps more searchable?
  4. Do local apps make better business or going global is a safer option?
  5. What defines the value of an app to a user?
  6. How to increase the value of an app for repeat usage?