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Mobile app marketing for small business


Mobile apps are the best thing that ever happened to small business owners simply because they get a chance to develop their business in a cost effective way while making good money from it. Mobile app marketing for small business from Fast Forward Marketing ensures your mobile app lives up to its return on investment (ROI) potential, it’s important to invest in a well designed mobile marketing strategy but the trick to this is to consult a reputable mobile app company (check out )


Some of the Mobile app marketing for small business that you can use to grow your app includes:

  • Know your audience
  • Age range
  • Interests
  • Tech-saviness
  • Industry
  • Build an online presence

Because you are a small business it is important to enhance your app’s online presence as much as possible by showcasing it on your website and incorporating it into your other marketing channels.


Create best marketing tips for your small business and make sure to provide profound mobile app marketing tips. Here are a few more detailed ideas to consider:

  • Landing Page: Dedicate a page of your front-end website to your mobile app. Include download links or scannable QR codes that lead visitors straight to the app store listing. Emphasize its benefits to the user, like cost-savings and insider product info, in addition to simply listing the features. Screenshots and promo videos are big selling points as well.
  • Blog Articles: Leading up to launch, post regular updates and sneak peeks on your company blog. Post-launch continue to share the latest feature updates and user insights to capture the attention of new customers.
  • Banners: Design clickable website banners that convey essential info and link through to actionable content, like the download link or an app release blog post.
  • Emails: Add regular app update emails to your drip campaigns. You can pull content from your landing page and reframe it to work seamlessly within your email marketing campaign.
  • Schedule your launch: An app launch done right can bring a storm of downloads. Put your launch day on the calendar and begin advertising your “Official App Launch” to customers and leads. Create a social media buzz around it, promising exclusive offers and sending teasers out far and wide.
  • Hear your customers: A good app is also defined by the quick response and interactive with the customers. The first stages of your apps release listen closely to customer feedback. It helps to include a response form in your app and on your site. Regularly read over the app store reviews and ask loyal customers for positive ones plus pay attention to common complaints.