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Mobile app marketing consultant


Mobile app marketing consultant’s primary job is to make your app achieve your goal and create good returns for you. It is essential in order to get your mobile app visible in the app store hire best marketing consultants (checkout


You might be wondering why people hire mobile app marketing consultants or mobile application consulting right? Here are three things to remember:

  1. Formulating your mobile strategy
  2. Marketing your apps
  3. Improving your in-house app development processes

mobile app marketing consultants are firms that you can outsource part, or all of your marketing needs to. Many agencies service a wide variety of marketing channels, but some specialize in select services.


Best mobile app marketing consultants should provide the services includes:

  • App Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • pre-launch & Post Launch strategy
  • App store optimization (ASO)
  • Mobile app videos
  • Mobile app directories
  • Blogger outreach
  • PR writing and distribution
  • Social media marketing
  • App review sites
  • Advertising & re-marketing
  • Social media platform advertising


Working with reputable mobile app marketing consultants helps in terms of app Marketing Channels including the following:

  • Paid Social – the largest, total buyer-wise mobile app marketing channel (largely driven by Facebook and Instagram), paid social is a great channel that uses deep data acquired on users to combine deep targeting abilities with the scale of the display.
  • Paid Search – a high return on investment marketing channel for web and app companies alike, paid search is often managed by agencies in tandem with paid social or display.

App Store Optimization – this forms the base of mobile app marketing and can help reduce paid marketing costs and boost ROI by increasing the overall contribution margin of free downloads from the app store page. There are a growing number of ASO-specialized agencies, but many generalist mobile marketing agencies also list ASO as part of their services.

  • Create useful ideas

A good mobile app marketing consultant will not just make a fancy app that is easy to navigate and has a clear interface but isn’t used as a gaming or functional app. It needs to define what you want your app to be. If it is an educational app, let it be built to serve that purpose. Whether you want to make a gaming app or a functional app for helping people with their daily activities, your app needs to be useful and satisfy the need for which it was built.


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