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Mobile app marketing automation


Mobile app marketing automation is using software, rules and templates to make it easier to communicate with your customers and prospects. Mobile app marketing automation platforms include the capabilities more traditional marketing automation platforms have but apply them for the mobile era.


This includes functionality like:

  • Managing the constantly expanding set of mobile channels.
  • Segmentation and personalization built for communication.
  • Real-time messaging.
  • Analytics and A/B testing.
  • Deeper integration with installed apps and other relevant data sources.


A good mobile app marketing automation system will provide ways to tag and group your users based on useful attributes, such as demographic or app usage information. With the help of mobile app companies like Fast Forward Marketing helps to collect this data from users by asking them via a rich page or preference centre in the app. A high quality mobile app marketing automation platform lets you take advantage of the real time opportunities. From a technical perspective, you want a highly reliable, trusted platform that handles high message volumes and the more customers it serves. While on the other hand sophisticated mobile marketing automation platforms also offer lots of event data that can be used to trigger real-time communications. For example, the first time a user installs and opens an app, you could send a series of on boarding messages to help them get familiar with the app’s functionality to encourage repeat use and retention.


Fast Forward Marketing strategy about mobile app marketing automation on apps is all about driving users to any form of conversion, whether it’s a sale, booking a flight, an in-app purchase, or even a page view. will send out highly personalized and event-triggered push notifications to increase user engagement with an app. Once an app’s users come in, marketers can then leverage of the edited version to personalize any visible elements without having to resubmit to the app store.

Another good strategy for mobile app marketing automation is to get sophisticated Controls for Powerful Automations that will create automated messaging campaigns to prompt and guide important user flows during each stage of the customer lifecycle


How to Manage mobile app marketing automation Channels

It is no secret that an email is email. It isn’t changing all that much. It’s everywhere, including on mobile devices, but mobile marketers can now communicate over a constantly expanding set of channels:

  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Wearable device notifications
  • Apple Wallet and Google Pay
  • SMS/MMS.

mobile app marketing automation  promotes building communication templates, personalizing them and figuring out which segments they should go and handling the technical work of delivering your messages.