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Mobile app google analytics


Mobile app google analytics are used to measure and optimize user acquisition and engagement with mobile apps. With easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) and reports designed with app developers in mind, Mobile app google analytics enables you to:

  • Understand the number of users in your app, their characteristics, and where they come from.
  • Measure what actions your users are taking.
  • Measure in-app payments and revenue.
  • Customize reports specific to your business.
  • Visualize user navigation paths.
  • Slice and dice your data to understand different user groups’ behaviour
  • Leverage Google Analytics data in other Google products. will do the hard work for you and present the end results with full details. Mobile app google analytics provides a platform to measure user interactions, allowing you to better understand and optimize user engagement with your app.


The default implementation of Mobile app google analytics will automatically provide the following information about your app:

  • the number of users and sessions
  • session duration
  • operating systems
  • device models
  • geography.

Mobile app google analytics can provide you with advanced metrics and data about your website traffic, but many beginners consider its data collection and reporting very complex.

At the end of this article you will be able to know how Google Analytics collects data, processes it, and prepares reports in simplest terms possible. With the help of Fast Forward Marketing Mobile app google analytics no longer feel like a complicated mystery to you.

How Does Google Analytics Collect Data?

Mobile app google analytics uses a small piece of JavaScript tracking code to collect data about your website visitors and their interactions on your website. Fast Forward Marketing will create your google Analytics account, then add the script on your website. This process is unnecessary to clients because the best company in the field will do the whole process and step by step for you.


Fast Forward Marketing understands that it is difficult to listen to your customers without looking deeply at their use of patterns and feedback. App analytics allow you to gain insight into customer data to better serve them across all life cycle stages.

Some Benefits:

  1. App analytics help drive Return on Investment (ROI) over every aspect of performance.
  2. App analytics help you to gather accurate data to better serve your customers.
  3. App analytics allow you to drive personalized, customer-focused marketing.
  4. App analytics let you track individual and group achievements of marketing goals from campaigns.
  5. App analytics offer data-driven insights into issues concerning churn and retention.