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Mobile App Ads


Do you want to monetize your mobile site or application by placing the ads in the space available within the application or are you just curious about Mobile app ads but you don’t really know where to start? Fast Forward Marketing will help you every step of the way and make sure that by the end of this article everything is clear. Mobile app ads are a simple an automated solution which allows you to launch your campaign and get advertising from quality sources in just 3 steps. You can choose among 20+ advertising formats. Smartphone makes Mobile app ads worth investing in, social media lends even more credence to the business practice. Simply put, a lot of people engage in social media these days.


There Are 3 Kinds Of Apps In Android For Most Of The Mobile App Ads:

  1. Premium App: Here you pay the developer to buy the App with full features and no Ads. With this kind of Apps you won’t find any Ads because the App developer has already generated revenue from you, so they don’t put ads to earn money.
  2. Free App: These kind of apps are free to download and use, but here you will find lots of ads, as the developer puts ads in to generate revenue which is paid by the ads belonging to respective companies. So in order to generate revenue they put ads in their apps.
  3. Basic App: Here, you don’t have to pay to download the app and you won’t see any ads, but this kind of App is a basic model and does not support full feature as in Premium App.

Fast Forward Marketing Will Help You To Understand The Different Types Of Mobile App Ads To Make Your Life Easier.


Listed Below Are Some Of The Types Of Mobile Apps You Can Choose From:

  • Interstitial Ads

This is one of the common ones that are used. These are full-screen images or videos that appear at natural app transition points such as going to the next game level.

  • Native Ads

Native ads in their nature are very close to banners, but they are less evident to be treated as direct advertisement content. These ads are designed to blend in with the natural mobile environment and be perceived as part of the app, not another banner ad.

  • Banner Ads

These are the oldest form of mobile ads that originated from their web marketing ancestors and have survived their far more advanced rival.

  • Video Ads

When using this type, users don’t need to multitask with a video ad when they use a mobile device.