Guaranteed Google Rankings in 3 Months or we Work for Free


IN JUST 3 MONTHS (or less)

From R1500 pm OR WE WORK FOR FREE!

Yes, you read right.


You are reading this right now because, in some way shape or form, your business isn’t where you want it to be.


Even though you’ve put in the heavy-lifting, the late nights, and the energy draining meetings…


You need someone, anyone, to take your ship and steer it into the right direction.


Passing Covid-infected islands, and the dead sea economy.


And if you are still reading this it means we are already connected…


And the universe is working its magic – believe it or not.


And it also means we still have a couple of spots available.


We have just re-opened our doors to accept new clients with this risk-free offer.


And for this month we are offering businesses a FREE 30-minute strategy session (Worth R10500).


On the call we’ll show you what it will take to truly rank at the top of Google for the most valuable search terms and really explode your sales.


Also get a free detailed SEO Audit worth R6500 + much more…


Chill, this isn’t just another strategy session or silly zoom meeting…


Where we recite our sales script over and over again…


Or tell you who’s fathers-uncle we know or who’s our daddy…




Nor is it some high-pressure sales pitch trying to get you to buy SEO now!


That’s not how we roll..


Instead, this session is about you and how we can help you, get to where you want to be.


By understanding your business and showing you how and where we can grow your business


And get you the desired leads to take your business to the next level.


But spots are limited, so click the button below, fill in your details, then book your free strat-session now.




I know what you are thinking…


Google Rankings or SEO is Dead, its old news Right?


It died… along with Panda, Penguin and the rest of them right?



While Facebook and other social media channels cannot be ignored…


The fact is that the #1 Highest-converting…


Most profitable, free, rush-hour traffic


Comes from Google’s organic (free) listings.


And if you don’t show up when your prospects are searching for what you are selling, you may as well not exist at all…


You already know that everyone, even ol’ grandpappy uses Google to find anything and everything.


So case-in-point my china.


Now listen…


Maybe you have tried SEO in the past and have been burnt to the crisp by

get-rich dirty lying SEO agency scumbags…


Who sold you everything in the house, but all you got was the kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes.


Or even if (by some miracle) they did indeed rank you on page 1, it was for some nonsensical-keyword…


That got you nothing but grey hairs which you pulled out anyway by the sheer frustration of dealing with them.


We can’t grow your hair back for you…


But we can get you the 1 thing you desire the most.


Or continue waiting…while your competitors steal your clients and gain more market share.




99% of SEO agencies use shady tactics to rank websites, one of them being PBN’s (Private Blog Networks).


This is where they have a private network of blogs that merely exist for the sake of placing links to their client’s website.


They offer no real value.


This is a cheap and temporary way of increasing rankings… which will plummet shortly thereafter.


Even if you ask them, they will lie straight to your face and say no..


They are more concerned with making a quick buck, than they are about forming long-lasting business partnerships.




Maybe you are thinking SEO is too expensive


That’s why you hired a ‘SEO Expert’ at a decent price who will turn your website into a gold mine.


Good luck, as SEO is not an exact science! Google’s ranking algorithm changes about 4 to 9 times a month.


Soon you will be calling us for advice. 😊


Don’t mean to sound cocky but we hear this day-in and day-out.


Only for them to call us a couple of months later to help them as their website has dropped to page 6 or more.




Your website company who also does your SEO shared their little SEO secret with you..


Creating tons of awesome unique content to your website.


Because this will get Googles’ attention and get you ranking.


It will send crazy amounts of traffic to your website.


We hate to be the bearer of bad news but..


This ain’t true at all!


Procrastination is the death of your business.



Or maybe you are using WordPress and doing the SEO yourself


And your SEO plugin prompts you add in more words, which you already did.


But the colour indicator turned red.


You are freaking out as now you will never be able to rank! Never-ever, not in a million years.


Breathe… we’ve worked with 1000’s of these such websites and SEO plugins…


And we tell our clients upfront that they should ignore the colour indicators when we are working on them.


As it means diddle-squat in our world!


Do you really think that if the colour indicator was green, you would actually rank?


Lets be real for a sec…


If you and your competitors all used Yoast SEO or All-in-one SEO etc. and you all had green indicators…


Would you all rank on page 1 of google?




You will never-ever rank, not in a million years.


Fear-not, we are seriously here to help.


No-really, as these so called SEO gurus give us GOOD GUYS a bad name…


and leaves an ever-lasting bad taste in your mouth.


Then you not knowing, also ‘paint us with the same brush’


It’s ok though, we are Daredevils here and ready to help you in any way possible.


And we know well what you are looking for:


Affordable SEO that really works


Where you are not tied into long-term contracts as you’re not sure whether it will work or not


And where you will not get burnt, again!


Then this offer was made for you…


Guaranteed Google Page 1 rankings in 3 months or we work for free.


If this sounds and most importantly feels like we’ve ticked all the right boxes…


And if you are ready to kick your business into overdrive and skyrocket your profits, then book your FREE strategy session now.


If not now, then when…?

Still Not Convinced?

340+ Clients Can’t Be Wrong

Some Corporate / Blue Chip Clients:

Corporate Clients

Some of our SMME Clients:




Why a Whopping 97% of businesses choose us:

  • We deliver hot, ready-to-buy prospects way faster than any other agency
  • We don’t mess-around with your money – we make it sweat! getting you bank for buck.
  • We’ve battle-tested over 219 different industries and niches.
  • We generated over 6.4 million leads over the last 5 years for our clients.
  • We guarantee ROI in any industry, or we work for free until we can.
  • Guaranteed to get you page 1 ranking on Google within 3 months or we work for free.
  • 93% of our clients rank in the first month (yearly average).
  • We have a 100% success rate (over the last 6 years) ie: there isn’t a client we cannot rank or get leads for.
  • We have a client retention rate of 87%, which means we must be doing something right!
  • We will beat any written quote or your SEO is Free – provided we are comparing ‘apples with apples’ (Ps: we generally eat the other ‘apples’).
  • We are a no finger-pointing, no excuses, no bullshit, no nonsense agency.
  • Everything is urgent to us, so no silly time-wasting, delay-tactics or ‘it-takes-a-few-days-to-do’ techniques used.

More (Fluffy) Facts:

  • Have over 18 years solid digital knowledge and experience
  • Voted one of Best SEO Agency’s in SA (2 years.)
  • Featured on many TV Shows and Radio stations (which we didn’t pay for ie: not a PR stunt). (Video’s below)
  • 100% Black Owned – BBBEE Level 1


Oops we almost forgot to brag about:

Featured on the following TV Shows,

Networks, Radio Stations & Publications:


Oozing with Confidence

We Put our money where our mouth is!

Our MD, Yoray Narainpersad unpacks digital marketing, demystifies SEO, gives solid advice and tips as well as boldly offers performance and KPI guarantees live on TV…


We have been interviewed on many TV Shows and Radio Stations, such as:

  • Flip-Side of the Coin
  • Business Day TV
  • Small Biz MBA
  • Digitize your Business
  • Financial Mail
  • Hot 91.9
  • NSBC Radio Show



Wise or ‘Crazy’ words from our MD

You better saddle up!

Our MD talks about using advanced SEO techniques to maximize your business presence.

He holds nothing back and gives advice, cool tips, and quick-wins to get your website ranking fast.

Hope You’re Hungry? Cos…

The Proof is Always in the Pudding:


Below are some real client reports showcasing the actual keywords rankings on the specific search engines. Click to open and close.

How to quickly understand the reports:

  • The main search engine is highlighted with an orange border
  • If a keyword is in positions 1 to 10, then this keyword is featured on the first page of the search engine highlighted in orange.
  • Positions 11 to 20 means the keyword is on Page 2;
  • Positions 21 to 30 means the keyword is on Page 3 etc


You will also notice on the screen shots below:


  • ‘Thumbnail’ or ‘images’ – that keyword also features an image under the images section of Google
  • ‘Local Pack’ – that keyword also features on Google my Business near you.
  • ‘Reviews’ – that keyword also triggers a review
  • ‘Featured Snippet’ – that keyword also triggers a featured snippet, which means Google automatically chooses your website’s content to be displayed at the very top, as your website is seen as the most credible source of information for this keyword.

Actual Client's SEO Reports:
















Do the right thing. Make it count

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Are you going to continue the same marketing campaigns – doing the same old thing that produces mediocre results, or are you ready to take the bull by the horns?


Something has to change for the better in order to get your business where it needs to be…in order to take it to the next level.


You can’t do the same thing

and expect a different result!

Ain’t gonna happen, sorry to say.


You got here for a reason so make it count, make it rain with our risk-free offer!





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We’ve been there many times before and…

We get you! We are in the same boat

This time we are steering the boat.


Just sit tight as we have the expertise and experience as we have ‘busted our balls’ and worked deep in the trenches for years, battle-testing strategies, performing trial and error campaigns, finding the best possible conversions at the best cost at lightning speed.


So we understand fully when clients come to us and really needing to get a return on investment. We know how to take R1 and get a return of R3, R5, or even R10+ (better investment than banks).


We are in the business of building Businesses…


No more ‘Hoping and Praying’ no more Guess-work – get the scientific approach to digital marketing.