Digital Marketing for Wholesale Business

Digital Marketing Packages in Johannesburg


Digital marketing is the most exciting part of the business, because that is when your business is able to show exactly what it is all about, portraying its image. The digital marketing world consists of 3 different packages. These Digital Marketing Packages each have different kinds of services that all together form parts of the  Digital Marketing Packages. Below are the Digital Marketing Packages and some services they consist of.


  1. The Reporter Package


  • Website Performance Report


This report covers essential information your website traffic and performance. Reports include information around where you are currently receiving traffic from known as traffic sources, what channels, devices, operating systems and search queries used to find your website.


  • Telephonic Support


Communication is key to a successful marketing strategy and we ensure that you are always available to be contacted. Our telephonic support includes any queries or advice you require around your dedicated package.


  • Social Media Reports


Monthly reporting on your social media activity. This report includes stats on your Social media fans, followers, mentions and the reach. Our reporting features cover the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube


  • Free Website Audit


The website audit report is a detailed overview on the current health of your website in the eyes of search engines and best standards. This report will provide a health score and detailed information on all errors and improvement suggestions to get your website performing better.


  1. Campaigner Packages
  • Conversion Optimisation

Campaigns are required to be optimised to ensure the appropriate results are being returned. Depending on the size of your campaign/s this could be checked daily and optimised on results. We manage your campaign performance to assist the campaign in reaching its full potential.


  • Google PPC Campaign


Google PPC Campaigns cover text adverts, display adverts (Your image advert on industry related websites) and YouTube videos on Google search and search partners. Budgets for these campaigns are not included in the package costs.


  • Facebook Campaign


Create and setup a Facebook marketing campaign. These can include a feed advert, side adverts along with others. The campaign is optimised based on your target market and goal should it be page likes, website visits or lead generation. Budgets are not included in package cost.


  1. Business Package


  • Newsletter Campaigns


Newsletter campaigns are targeted to your current marketing database. This includes newsletter design, content, assign links, database management, testing and reports.


  • Monthly Meetings


A dedicated consultant will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss and run through your campaign performances. This time can also be allocated towards new ideas and brain storming ideas.


  • Digital Marketing Plan


The draft of a digital marketing plan to guide you through a 6-month process and align all the marketing strategies together. This includes optimised times for scheduled social posts and seasonal or business-related topics.