Digital Marketing for Wholesale Business in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Wholesale Business in Johannesburg


Wholesale businesses have always been reluctant when it comes to marketing online. However with mobiles being more and more advanced and for online searches becoming popular, it has rather become vitally important for wholesale businesses to be visible digitally. Digital Marketing for Wholesale Business can seem rather shattering but it has become more than necessary, in fact, for any business.  And no, it is not as hard as it looks, and it will indeed cost less than offline marketing.

Digital Marketing for Wholesale Business is a perfect way for the business to hold on to their existing customers. Below are digital marketing strategies.


  1.  Selling on an e-commerce platform


It is a very challenging prospect for any wholesaler to build a recognisable and trusted brand identity. A great way to get started is to sell your products on wholesale e-commerce marketplaces.


2.Email marketing


One of the best ways to build your relationship with existing customers is to subscribe them to your business’ email newsletter. Moreover, for high-value customers, you can send personalised emails based on their previous purchases. This would keep them in the loop regarding new products, discounts or promotions that they may find useful.

As the digital world moves forward at a fast pace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up. Phone calls, direct mails and print materials are still essential modes of marketing for wholesalers. However, it is not viable for your wholesale business to ignore Digital Marketing for Wholesale Business.


3.Wholesale Business Website


89% of Business to Business  buyers research wholesale items to purchase online. It is thus essential for your brand to be available and visible when a potential customer is looking for it. Not only do your products have to appear in online searches, you should have excellent customer support in place to answer any queries. A live chat feature is a great idea for your wholesale business website to engage consumers and make them feel valued.

The product information on your website should be detailed, informative and constantly updated. An interesting blog with relevant content can also be helpful in reaching out to your customers


4.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of improving your website’s ranking on search engines’ free or natural listing. Put simply, the higher the ranking, the more people will be able to find you.

You unlock the power of your website. Search engine optimisation is the process that helps your website improve the ranking it achieves in search engine natural listings. It is not a case of build a website and potential customers will find you. Unless you intend using online advertising only to attract visitors, you will need to consider search engine optimisation to achieve a good ranking within the search engine listings. With natural or organic clicks to websites accounting for 75% of click throughs, it makes sense to undertake search engine optimisation.