Digital Marketing for Wedding Planners in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Wedding Planners in Johannesburg


The wedding report statistics show 90% of couples use the search engines to have assistance from wedding planners. Digital Marketing for Wedding Planners is a great way to market a wedding planning business, for this to be achieved they do need to start building their presence online but ranking it on the internet is not always an easy duty. Here are a few tips below to achieve effective Digital Marketing for Wedding Planners


  1. Search Engine Marketing and Optimization


This does require a website, of which some don’t really consider it to be a marketing tactic, at the same time it is more than necessary in a business. So most definitely time is the most essential requirement along with resources in order to make your web site to be unique and stand out from the rest.

But one of the most effective ways that wedding planners are using is driving visitors to their site through programs like Google.

In addition, they can optimize their web site title tags and copy with keywords and work on building mentions and links to their site they can start with asking their networking partners for online recommendations or links, which can help with their organic search engine rankings.


  1. Email


Email is also an essential part of  Digital Marketing for Wedding Planners and they can use email in three different ways to attract new clients. Firstly, they can email current and former clients for them to stay on top of their minds, in case they or their acquaintances need event planning services.Secondly, they can build their own lists via their Web site using incentives like free e-newsletters as well as information they gather at trade shows and such, and they are periodically emailing these lists with useful event-related information.

Thirdly, they can use email groups to connect with both prospects as well as referral partners, sharing their expertise and passing leads back and forth among community members.

Wedding planners need to try out each method and see which one works for them.


  1. Blogs


Wedding planners should also have a blog. They can post new content to their blog at least two times a week or more. By posting often, their blog is more likely to be picked up by the search engines. Their blog should have keywords, words that brides would use when they are looking for them online. They need to fill their blog with useful information, wedding tips, trends, and advice, so that a bride can return to their site frequently and get to know, like and trust them. Their blog should link to their website and send people there who want to know more about their business.