Digital Marketing for Veterinarians in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Veterinarians in Johannesburg


Digital Marketing for Veterinarians has completely changed the way veterinarians market their businesses. It has rather become a dividing line for some practices, some business owners cannot seem to reach those booming customers they would have wanted to have reached. Below are some strategies to achieve Digital Marketing for Veterinarians.


  1. Owning a Website


Despite owning a domain name, business websites are often housed on templates owned by outside companies. However, those websites can no longer be accessed when a subscription expires or in the event of other situations.

Ownership of the website includes its templates, and allows a business owner to be in control of it. All the files, the entire look and feel, the entire house is licensed and registered to you.

Websites that are not secure will lose Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) points and are susceptible to being hacked. A solution is to having a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, which better protects sensitive information, such as payments and passwords


  1. Google Ads


Veterinary practices have long paid for advertisements, and Google ads are a modern alternative to phone books. Google ads gives business owners access to a wide internet audience, and allows them to track every click and this can also be one of the perfect strategies for  Digital Marketing for Veterinarians


  1. Invest in an App


A mobile app that ties into a veterinary practice’s software allows clients better access to the business. It should be free for clients to download, and provide relevant services. For example, clients may be able to use the app to schedule or view appointments, or keep track of vaccines.

An app can also offer rewards to clients, such as a points system that can result in a free service. It’s a great tool for Digital Marketing for Veterinarians and for  keeping your best clients, and keep them coming back.


  1. Videos and Photos


Google owns YouTube, and businesses are most likely to be at the top of the first page of search results when there is a custom video posted to a website homepage.
A lot of people just don’t have a video. It really separates you from your competition.
While there is a cost involved with creating a professional video,  the reach pays for itself. Photos and videos allow potential customers to see what they’re getting with the business, including equipment and treatment areas, as well as staff images. Video also tends to do well with social media, increasing engagement.


  1. Social Media


Although many veterinary businesses  are already using Facebook to promote their veterinary services, it is recommended to expand your social media presence  with a business page on Instagram.