Digital Marketing for Universities in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Universities in Johannesburg


If a university wants to reach more students then they should consider Digital Marketing for Universities. For this to happen then there should be more focus on the energy of getting the digital marketing strategy in order. To start up with Digital Marketing for Universities is no child’s play as it needs a detailed marketing plan which is transparent, firm, including measurable intentions which have deadlines. A clear budget along with allocated responsibilities should also result in a sparkling and profitable university.


Below are some tips to ensuring effective Digital Marketing for Universities


1.Analyse your current situation


Before making plans, and setting goals for the year, it is important to take stock of your university and look at the university’s success and failures for the previous year. Consider employing a SWOT analysis, looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis is a simple way to identify internal and external influences that both, directly and indirectly, impact your university’s success.

An important part of any Digital Marketing for Universities strategy is effective monitoring of your efforts in order to accurately track their results. Without regular and comprehensive monitoring of your university website and various social media channels, you’ll soon realize that you lack the data necessary to better plan for the following year.


2.Know your Audience


Over time your audience will change, and as a university is not a repeat business, it will constantly need replenishing. So as your prospective students move through to being current students and then on to being alumni, you will need to attract a new and younger audience to take their place, each with their own preferences and trends.

Creating a detailed persona that reflects your target audience will help you to create content and marketing campaigns to suit their interests. You need to keep the following questions in mind: How do they consume information? Do they find online content via social media or direct search? What are they interested in and what does your university have to offer them above all the others?


3.Set Smart Goals for the Year


As soon as you have a good idea of the campaigns and tactics you’d like to employ in order to achieve your goals, it’s time to work out how much money you need to do so. A detailed and specific digital marketing strategy will help to paint a clearer picture of where best to allocate funds. It will also go a long way towards getting approval from decision makers for budgets early on in the year.