Digital Marketing for Tourism in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital marketing for tourism in Johannesburg


With the change in technology digital marketing for tourism is a need to survive and market the tourism company.

Today we can never run away from the fact that hospitality and tourism is one of the industries that is most affected by digital development.


Digital marketing for tourism uses techniques in their practices to engage communities and make sure their customers have the best possible away-from-home experience. When investing in Digital marketing for tourism it is best to think about and understand the traveling customer’s journey generally. Imagine how great is the feeling would be if someone did a search on a travel keyword, saw your paid search ad, clicked, and immediately converted? Making their live easy will make them give you good reviews and recommend other people to consider your tourism business.


People are thinking about and researching trips all the time. Think about all the key moments that you can influence during the customer’s journey that will ultimately lead to a conversion. Google identified four key moments where you need to win over travellers:


  • Dreaming: People who are thinking about traveling are doing searches to find ideas and inspiration – where to go and what to do.
  • Organizing: People are deep in consideration mode, deciding which hotel or airline to book, based on details like location, cost, and timing.
  • Booking: People have made their decision and make their reservations.
  • Experiencing: People are searching for things to do and new places to visit near them on their trip.


Digital marketing for tourism helps travellers with bookings that are done online without having to go stand in long ques. Digital consumption today is very different from what it used to be, even a few years ago. The use of mobile devices is on the rise and the situation is no different for the tourism industry.


  • Personalise your content and marketing


The internet has changed the way consumers expect to be treated. They have become accustomed to being treated as individuals as search and social media algorithms have evolved to present individualised search results and news feeds. To operate in a relevant way in the current marketplace we need to shift our mindset to a one-to-one relationship online, especially when it comes to interacting as a business on social media.


Video is a must-have in your content strategy


The amount of video online is growing at an exponential rate and video content is ideal for storytelling as it so engaging and aids information retention. Video must be part of your marketing strategy today, both professional video on your website and branded YouTube channel, and also quality videos for social media.