Digital Marketing for Resorts in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Resorts Johannesburg


The way we plan for vacations and travels has most definitely changed, but we should also take into account if resorts have been keeping in alignment with these changes. We find more upscale consumers using the internet as their principal strategy and planning resource for their travels. Resorts needs to ensure that they are using current, and unusual strategies when it comes to Digital Marketing for Resorts in order to reach tech-savvy travellers. Below are some tips for ensuring  Digital Marketing for Resorts.


  1. Paid Search


Probably the most fundamental digital marketing tactic out there, paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the fastest and easiest to measure technique. Despite being one of the most effective advertising methods, only 10 of the 50 luxury hotels have been analysed to be implementing some form of a paid search campaign.

Paid search is such a crucial step to any digital marketing strategy preferably for Digital Marketing for Resorts simply for this reason – when people are using a search engine they are further along in the buying process than someone who is just browsing the web and sees a native advertisement.


  1. Organic


While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was once the most fundamental digital marketing tactic and most loudly trumpeted by marketers, Google which is regarded as the highest trafficked website in the world is making it harder and harder for marketers to affect and measure where they rank on the search engine.


  1. Web Design


Reflect the experience at your resort with a great website. Stunning photos and videos, gorgeous design, glowing reviews and updated descriptions of your resort. All of these are characteristics of great web design for resorts. The experience starts with your website as a reflection of what their vacation will be like. If they see a drab design and dated photos on your website, don’t expect them to click any further. A website can make or break your resort. Does it have the wrong address? A phone number that your staff doesn’t answer?

With so many options for vacationers, great-looking web design and accurate information can be the difference. You need to make sure you design a user friendly and responsive website.


  1. Social Media


Travel plans can start anywhere. Your future guests may be prompted by their Facebook or Instagram feeds to make travel plans. Being the most visible resort at these moments can be the difference between a successful peak season or barely making it. With a social media strategy designed for resorts, your piece of paradise can be the resort of choice.