Digital Marketing for Recruitment Companies Johannesburg

Digital Marketing for Recruitment Companies Johannesburg


A recruitment sector’s main focus of Digital Marketing for Recruitment Companies will most definitely make the client collection to be on the rise as well increase the number of candidates. If the recruiting industry works together with job sites which cover professional services of recruitment in order to create job board platforms then there will be a high amount of revenue that is unused in digital growth which should cover Digital Marketing for Recruitment Companies.

Below are some strategies which can be used for Digital Marketing for Recruitment Companies.


  1. Google Ads Campaign


This is also perfect for Digital Marketing for Recruitment Companies than to rather just compete with everyone else on the job boards, you can also get your brand in front of candidates and clients when they’re searching on Google which is also great for Digital Marketing for Recruitment Companies.


  1. Responsive Website


With more than 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices it’s essential that your website not only works correctly on mobiles, but downloads fast as well.

If it doesn’t you’re missing out on 1 in 2 visitors to your website, Google will be dropping you in the search results and you’ll also be frustrating your existing customers who may give up and go to a competitor.


  1. SEO Audit


If your jobs are posted on your website, then every job should have its only landing page with its own URL.

If it doesn’t, you’re missing out on being found for every job search query in Google such as job title + location jobs”

If you’ve got the landing pages, a SEO growth opportunity for most recruitment agencies is to include relevant keywords and variations such as “vacancies” within your metadata so you make full use of the 60 character limit for title tags and 150 character limit for meta descriptions.

Additionally, optimising your homepage for the type of recruitment you specialise in, along with your location will enable you to attract more clients looking for you.


  1. LinkedIn


As the largest social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a fantastic way of building relationships and growing your professional network.

You can list your jobs on your company page, you can connect with prospective clients and share regular updates, you can advertise your jobs to relevant job titles with LinkedIn advertising.

The best way to kick off a potential private LinkedIn community is to start with a poll on LinkedIn to engage your existing company page followers to invite them to vote on the types of content they would like support with.