Digital Marketing for Grocery stores /Food services Johannesburg

Digital Marketing for Grocery stores /Food services Johannesburg


Digital marketing is not an entirely new technique or method for marketing, since many businesses are already practising this new method, and the old method of marketing has somehow taken a back seat. Below are few pointers related to Digital Marketing for Grocery stores /Food services


  1. Never underestimate the power of Email and SMS


Digital Marketing for Grocery stores /Food services  is all about good marketing practices that  send the right message to the right person at the right time.Not all users will visit your website frequently or have your app installed. To reach out to them and inform about your offerings and details about their orders in a timely manner. Email & SMS are still the most reliable means of communication that are part of the strategies used in Digital Marketing for Grocery stores /Food services

Here are some tips on effectively implementing Email & SMS in your digital marketing mix:


  • 90% of the text messages are read within 3 minutes. So, for limited period offers, broadcasting the message through SMS is a great way to reach your customers in a timely fashion.
  • Emails are ideal when it comes to a long term offer, or when you need to inform customers about a future offer in advance.
  • Make sure that email marketing software you choose comes with the customizable template (such as Mail-Chimp),since look & feel of your email directly impact its click-through rate.Other than these, text messages & emails can also be used to send out important notifications to customers such as for order confirmation, delivery, etc. Offering such service works greatly toward customer retention.


  1. Video content marketing can drive for a long run


An organic promotion has come to an end video marketing is the future for an effective brand promotion you have to create explainer and marketing videos and you have to make sure it stays where it is supposed to- in your customer’s mind.

It seems fun and easy, but the art of creating storytelling for brand marketing is quite tough in practice.


  1. Social media for attracting more customers


Social media is of utmost importance when trying to attract more customers. It is easy to captures a person’s attention, so it is for that reason it is very essential to build a relation to the audience through these platforms. A social media marketer knows it better: about the campaigns, how to run them, the frequency of updates and other technical things. he had perfect guidance about it. In social media marketing  you let the food do the talking with the customers.Because pictures of food always lead to drools.