Digital Marketing for Golf Courses in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Golf Courses in Johannesburg


Golf was once seen as a sport for kings, but now it is played by everyone, golf courses and clubs are trying to find the best strategies to market their business in the modern world. At this day and age, we can control our world through mobile phones, social media and technology is growing and being advanced everyday. Golf is perceived as a traditional sport using, but in actual fact golf courses are trying new methods or techniques of marketing in order to move with the times. This is when Digital Marketing for Golf Courses comes in handy.


  1. A responsive website design 


Digital Marketing for Golf Courses involves having a responsive website. It takes more   than a beautiful site to inspire user experience and conversion. The site must definitely have vibrant images and videos, because golfers love them, and build your site with intuitive navigation, conversion elements with clear CTA’s (Certified Turnaround Analyst), and easy booking for tee times and tournaments.


Optimize your site for local and voice search with keywords and questions people are asking search engines and capitalize on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Features) – from snippets to videos. Make your site mobile responsive.


2.Social media outreach from one place


Most golf pros wear many hats, from running the shop to giving lessons to marketing.  Most courses without large marketing teams need their PGA (The Producers Guild of America) pros to engage in social media outreach every day to fill their tee sheets and promote daily specials.

To connect with your social community, your team will need a powerful social dashboard where they can blog, tweet, post and schedule from one place from their laptops, iPads and phones. Once you have a software platform for social outreach, engage your audience and reinforce your message promoting twilight rates, open lessons, membership specials, and the speed of the greens. Post pics on Instagram and videos, and get your golfers engaged in your experience. Golf is a social game.


3.Golf APP For playing, GPS, marketing and sales


The new cool factor in golf marketing is the GPS (Global Positioning System) integrated APP. GPS enabled golf carts and watches are expensive and getting outdated. Add a downloadable APP on your mobile site and golfers will use it for scorecards, yardage, shot making, weather and messaging from you. If you utilize all the latest features, you can promote daily specials, use it as an online store, give tips, and even sell food and beverage during the round, this is also a perfect strategy to use in Digital Marketing for Golf Courses


 4. Analytics tracking for performance and competitive intelligence


While golf is the game of life and you play against yourself, digital marketing is not. You always want to track and analyse your digital channels, revenue and competitive performance in the space. You can juggle between Google Analytics and other resources, which can be time consuming. Or you can use intuitive distribution and competitive intelligence software that lets you track and analyse your data, site health and performance in one dashboard.