Digital Marketing for Estate Agents in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Estate Agents in Johannesburg


Digital Marketing for Estate Agents is now on the rise and it is becoming more of a fierce competition. For a business to be visible online, it enables that business to even get customers globally. Although estate agencies would much rather reach their target audience locally and not globally.

A successful strategy for Digital Marketing for Estate Agents needs to dwell on reaching local customers as well be to be seen in localised search queries. This will make sure that people who are within the local area of your business or those that search for your services in your area find you very quickly and easily. This is why local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important element for the strategies being used in Digital Marketing for Estate Agents.

Below are some tips for a successful Digital Marketing for Estate Agents


  1. Register with Google My Business


Google provides a one-stop-shop for local businesses such as estate agencies, called Google My Business. Google My Business is a tool to help you to increase your business’ visibility within Google Search Engine Results (SERPs) and Google Maps. It enables you to manage all of your business’ Google services in one place.


2.Add your business address to your Website


It’s important that Google understands where your business is located, if you are to improve your visibility in the local search results. You therefore need to include your full business address plus postcode on your website.

If appropriate, consider including your address in the footer of your website so it appears on every page. This will reinforce the relevancy of every page on your site for local searchers.


3.Have a separate page on your website for every branch you have


Many estate agencies have multiple branches. You will want to have good local visibility for all of your locations.

Include a separate page on your website for every branch you have. Each page should include information specific to the location, including the branch address and postcode. This will enable Google to see where your business is active and thus helps you to improve your search visibility for local searches across all your target areas.


4.List your business in property sector directories


The property sector has a wide range of niche specific directories in which you can list your business and its addresses. You should look out for places your competitors have listed their businesses too. By listing your business in high-quality property sector directories, you will reinforce your location to Google and thus help to improve your business’ visibility in the local search results.