Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics in Johannesburg


Traditional dental marketing is slowly fading and becoming a thing of the past. Your practice need not be spending a whole lot of your marketing budget just to fulfil the ways of traditional dental marketing e.g. radio/ TV advertisements, mass mailers, billboards. Because if your business does use a lot of money by using these traditional methods, then it is most definitely missing out on some real opportunities. Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics is the new strategy to use, here are a few pointers below to achieve this.


  1. Email Marketing


Email marketing is when a dental practice will send some type of targeted email to a purchased lead list or a customer list. These emails can be newsletters, promotions or simply an effective way to share medical results with your patients. Email marketing is the cheapest form of communication for Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics. Usually you must pay for some sort of email marketing service.




By browsing through a website and you click out the tab and later see ads featuring some of the items you were browsing, by doing that you have been remarketed. Remarketing has become one of the mostly used tools for Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics because it helps people move towards scheduling an appointment with your practice.

Remarketing allows you to track users who have visited your website without a purchase or action and shares your ads on other websites.


3.Paid Digital Advertising


PPC stands for “pay-per-click”. PPC ads allow you to use advertising platforms to get your content in front of potential patients. Of course, you have to pay for this, but if you do it right, it can be a great way to grow your practice patient audience.


Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics can be split into three PPC categories: search, social and display.


  • Paid Search


Search ads, also known as paid search and search engine marketing (SEM), are online ads that appear in search engine results on platforms like Google.

So, whenever a person uses a major search engine to look up a certain service, phrase or product search advertisement are the ones that will be appear in the top areas of your search engines like Google

Paid search advertising uses a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model, which means that every time your ad is clicked you pay the search engine for that traffic.


  • Paid Social


Social advertising or paid social ads are advertisements that appear on social media platforms. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are paid to promote a dental practice through boosted posts, offers and promotions.

Social ads help you target potential patients by personal, professional, demographic and behavioural parameters which allow you to reach the people who are most relevant. An example of this would be a sponsored Facebook post that is used to increase the post’s presence or an Instagram advertisement.