Digital Marketing for Dealerships in South Africa

Digital Marketing for Dealerships South Africa


Customers are changing how they shop for cars, and that means dealerships need to rethink their automotive digital marketing strategy to fit new audience behaviours. Developing a good digital marketing for dealerships strategy can be one of the biggest decisions you’ve ever made for your dealership.

Fast forward marketing understands that as shoppers effortlessly juggle channels and devices to help improve their buying process, many dealerships are struggling to keep track and staying alive online. Here’s the breakdown on changing audience behaviours, and what your dealership can do about it.


  • Research Paid Advertising


Buying banner ads on websites your customers visit, using pay-per-click advertising to target website content relevant to your audience and paying for links on targeted websites can further expand your marketing reach. To spend your money in the most effective manner possible, gather as much demographic data on your target customers, such as age, income level and geographic area, and ask your customers what type of websites they visit. Use this information to limit who sees your pay-per-click ads to avoid wasting money.


  • Social Media


Social media is a hugely important way for the automotive industry to connect with new car buyers. It is said 1 in 4 car buyers talks about buying a new car on social media and 38% say they will consult social sites before they purchase a vehicle. Not only is social media full of real-time purchase indicators, but dealers can use social to build brand loyalty, improve the customer experience, and influence purchase decisions.


  • Email


When done properly, email marketing is a highly effective channel for dealerships. Personalization is key to creating emails that convert. Research by G/O Digital shows that 35% of car buyers want emails tailored based on their interests.

Fast forward marketing uses social channels to share plenty of engaging content on different social channels, post pictures of inventory, engage in conversations on your Digital marketing for dealerships social pages. While also monitoring social reviews, and have your contact information easily accessible (location, hours, email, and phone).

Digital marketing for dealerships needs to create digital Ads- The majority of people who are looking to buy new cars start their search online. This is precisely why digital is so crucial in advertising your company. The best part is that, through digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you get a specific target audience with lower CPCs. This means that you won’t have to waste any more money on traditional ads that don’t do anything for your business ever again.