App Store Optimization and it’s benefits

So, we can now conclude that if you own an app and are not getting the results you want, you need to look at App Store Optimization. This will help you put your app in front of the right people with high probability of them downloading your app.


Here are some ways you can benefit from this process:


  • Improve your visibility in the app stores


If users are unable to find your app in the app stores, how can you expect people to download your app? Your app may be the most fantastic app on the planet but, if people can’t find your app then it becomes the best app on the planet that no one can find which results in your app being unsuccessful in terms of the results you are aiming for.


  • Relevant users need to be able to discover your app


It’s no good if your app is being shown to people that are not looking for your kind of app. The probability of a download taking place by someone who is looking for something entirely different is slim to say the least. Therefore, it is important to optimize your app for keywords that are relevant to your app’s services. Keywords represent customer searches, so customers will type in one or more of your keywords and your app will then feature and this will result in a download taking place.


  • Organic App Downloads need to increase in a regular and sustainable way


By making use of an ASO strategy, you will reap the benefits of organic installs. This is the kind of thing you want as a long-term benefit. What you want on a regular and consistent basis should always be for relevant searches that take place to lead customers directly to your app.


  • Get reduced acquisition costs without sacrificing on the growth of your app


By making use of an Organic AOS strategy, it is not imperative that you spend money of your app. With an AOS strategy in place you will save money and ensure steady growth going forward.


  • App Revenue and Conversion Rates How to increase these two factors


There are many ways to get the most out of your app. In-app ads, in-app purchases and subscription models are just a few. If your goal is to make as much revenue in the shortest amount of time from your app you would then make use of ads to show your app to more relevant searches early on. This is a great way of increasing your app downloads. The problem with this is, that if your app listing page is not converting and not convincing to a user then they will not download your app which will result in unnecessary spend.


  • App Store Optimization and how it works?


Once your app has been developed and you are now accustomed with the basics of app marketing you need to determine where to launch your app. The most popular App Stores are IOS for Apple and Google Play for Android. To maximize on the exposure of your app, it would be wise to develop your app for both platforms.


 Google Play for Android and IOS for Apple ranking factors


Apple App Store Ranking Factors

  • App name
  • App URL
  • App Subtitle
  • Keyword Field
  • In-App Purchase
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Updates
  • Downloads and Engagement


 Google Play Store Ranking Factors

  • App Title
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • In-app Purchase
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Downloads and Engagement


App Reviews and Ratings


Now that your app is live and is featuring for relevant keywords in the two app stores. It is strongly recommended that you ask for feedback from your customers. Both App stores take into consideration the feedback and reviews from your customers and this contributes to your app ranking. Truth be told, 75% of users first read a review of your app before downloading an app. This gives them assurance that the app is safe, works correctly and is ultimately a good investment for the user.


It is import for you to engage with your customers by replying to the comments or reviews they have left. This solidifies the fact that there is support associated with the app and provides confidence in the app for the user.


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