Social Media Marketing for Yoga Teachers in Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing for Yoga Teachers


Thinking of a striking content to post on social media can be rather difficult. And yes as a yoga teacher you would not want to over promote your classes, but at the same time, you need to draw your audience nearer to you. Social Media Marketing For Yoga Teachers can help you with some ideas so you are not on standstill with your marketing.


1.Don’t Sell — Instead, Educate and Entertain


These days, most people do their best to ignore traditional advertising, same goes for yoga teachers, they are now using Social Media Marketing For Yoga Teachers. The only way to be relevant is to create content that attracts people’s attention. In the business world, this is known as “Content Marketing.” A lot of the content you already consume online is actually deliberately made to get your attention, earn your trust, make you a fan, and eventually, lead you towards some kind of sale. When done right, the prospective customer doesn’t feel like they are being marketed to or pressured into buying — rather, they become a fan and naturally move towards making some kind of transaction when the time feels right.


2.Make Use of Different Content Types


To be effective, you should have a mixture of content types for your Social Media Marketing For Yoga Teachers planned. This allows you to tap into different audiences, depending on how they choose to consume and engage with particular content. For example, some people prefer video, others prefer photos, some like to listen to audio, and some love to read. It’s ok to repeat certain pieces of content, but you should try to space them out and vary the way you present them.


3.Find a Balance in Your Messaging


Only sharing promotional content, such as details on your upcoming classes or workshops, can result in viewers getting tired of you or your studio over time. It gives the impression that you only care about making money. Instead, most of your content should be educational or entertaining in some way, that’s the strategy for your Social Media Marketing For Yoga Teachers .When it feels right, add the occasional promotional post into the mix. That way your audience will stay engaged because you don’t seem to be trying too hard.


4.Text Content Ideas

Some people are verbally orientated and love to read. Text content is perfect for building engagement with these types of individuals




If you love writing, then blogging could work well for you. For shorter posts, sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr can be effective.