Social media for publishers in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Social media for publishers Johannesburg


Social media for publishers is a great strategy to promote books and authors and it is very important for book publishers. It engages readers in ways that many traditional avenues of marketing can’t. Social media for publishers creates a clearly defined social media strategy and monitor it regularly. Many websites are devoted to social media.


Participating in social media websites created specifically for sharing everything about books is an obvious choice for publishers. The tricky part with book sharing sites is that an account is more effective if it belongs to an individual. Here are some of the tips you can use to have perfect Social media for publishers:


  • Strategy


Before you jump into social media, create compelling content on your website to direct people to. A blog is a good way to let readers know about books, authors, news and events, but keep the tone of blog posts more casual than a press release. Develop strong working relationships with your authors and enlist their help maintaining author pages. Have at least one staff member devoted to monitoring social media accounts so that responses are prompt.


  • Use the basic Social Media first


Facebook makes it easy to set up a page for your company to promote your offerings but take your page beyond just a place to make announcements. There are a number of tools and apps available that allow you to offer content, including author photos and bios, contests and giveaways, polls and more. Ask questions in status updates to engage fans in conversations about things like favourite books and characters. Twitter is a popular social media site for publishers and authors to post snippets of news and links to website content.


  • Invest in videos


Videos tell a great story when used correctly. Others might think videos and book publishing might seem contradictory but creating and posting videos to social media sites is an underused area of promotion. Video sharing sites are popular and allow users to comment and interact with other users and set up their own channels of favourite videos.


  • Do surveys and do them often


Keeping your finger on the pulse of your patrons is essential. Nightclub promoters need to know what’s going on if patrons suddenly start going to a different nightclub. What’s different? What is that nightclub doing differently, and how can you promote so that you draw the attention back in your favour?


  • Track what people are saying about you


Nightclub promoters must be responsible for checking up on the buzz surrounding the nightclub online. What are people saying? Reinforce the positive comments and investigate the negative ones.