Social Media for Companies in SA: Social Media for Companies

Social Media For Companies in South Africa


Social Media For Companies can mean a whole lot of different things at the same time serving very different and very useful purposes to some companies. Social Media For Companies can be painting a certain image to people, to some companies it can be used for promoting existence and for the success of the business. Social Media For Companies can also serve the purpose of answering unanswered questions and also to deal with complaints and queries, not forgetting recommendations as well.

Responsibilities of the Social Media 

The first responsibility of Social Media For Companies is to develop and implement a social media marketing plan. The marketing plan will include the following components and should be reviewed no less than every 90 days.


  1. Brand Development


“Why” is the reason customers buy. A great “why buy here” message is unique to your company, is backed up by facts (awards, numbers, in-store policies) and answers “What’s in it for me?” for the shopper.


  1. Identify Target Customers


Your product or service cannot possibly be all things to all people. Until you accept the notion that you must keep your market focus tight, you’ll constrict your business’ ability to grow.


3.Explore this exercise to identify target customers:


Once you know more about who you want to reach, you can use data to laser target your message. Facebook is invaluable for exploring audiences that are interested in your product or service.

This is common to many business people and I’m sure you’ve said this once or twice in your years in business: “You know, if we had ten more customers just like them, life would be great!” Write down the circumstances and attributes of those types of customers.


  1. Solid Content Strategy


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do I know what to post on our page?” In order to know the answer to that question, you must have a solid idea of who you are as a brand and who your target customers are.

What is it about your Social Media For Companies that makes it unique…makes people want to buy from you? Answer that question in detail.

  • Describe your target customers. What are their interests, concerns and issues? How can you help them come to a purchase decision with the content you publish?
  • Don’t forget about those fans who are not in-market. What can you offer them to make their time with you interesting?
  1. Promotion Strategy


It is essential to continually grow and promote your brand and its content in Social Media For Companies

Social advertising (typically Facebook Ads) is a very valuable tool to get your message heard. However, Facebook ads don’t look like the ads you’re familiar with. They differ in content, placement and targeting…and when done right, they are received much more cheerfully.


  1. 9. Measure & Analyze to Establish ROI


You’ll need to determine the KPI’s (key performance indicators) that matter most to your business. Here are the top 8 KPI’s that we use at Kruse Control to determine ROI:

  • Audience Growth
  • Audience Profile
  • Audience Engagement
  • Content Reach
  • Engagement by Content Type
  • Leads