SEO Ranking: Get #1 Page SEO Ranking in Johannesburg

SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking


Search Engine Rank Monitoring and More

We pride ourselves on providing feature-packed SEO tool to audit, monitor, measure, and analyse the SEO performance of your website and its competitors for extremely competitive prices.


Some of our unique features include:

  • Comprehensive and Advanced Search Engine Ranking Analytics
  • The ability to view and analyse the frequency and average rank of a keyword match over a specified period.
  • The ability to view all web pages from your website (or your competitor websites) that matched a keyword and monitor them over time.
  • The ability to view the search engine ranking performance for each keyword over a specified period on a single chart (and in a single report).
  • The ability to view the search engine ranking performance for a single keyword over a specified period for your website vs competitor websites


  • One-Click Website Configuration

The easiest SEO tool to use in the market tailored towards business owners and professional SEO Engineers. With only 1-click from within your account, your website will be fully configured and ready to be on the optimization journey, complete with top keywords, top competitor websites, social media sources, reports, and alerts…all configured fully automatically for your convenience!

  • Advanced Competitor Finder and Analysis

Know your enemy!  or in the SEO world, get to know your competitor websites very well through our competitor analysis features which include an SEO Audit, Inbound Link analysis, Social Media monitoring, and Domain Analysis for even your competitors!

  • Advanced Suggested Keywords

We provide our own proprietary Suggested Keywords that best matches your business (best suited for English-language websites).

  • Inbound Link recommendations

SEO Analytix provides you with recommendations for link building by analysing competitor websites and your own inbound links.

SEO Analytix is the best value for money online marketing and SEO tool on the market. It provides the most advanced analytics of search engine ranking and the ultimate SEO Audit. You will have access to the most comprehensive and flexible SEO reports and SEO alerts through an easy to use interface.

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