SEO xml sitemap in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO xml Sitemap In Johannesburg


What Is XML Sitemap?

An XML sitemap is a type of list marked up with XML so that search engines can easily consume information about the URLs that make up a site. For SEO, an XML sitemap is an invitation to crawl the URLs listed. It’s a way of asking the search engines to crawl and index the pages listed.


SEO xml sitemap are important because they make it easier for Google users to find your site’s pages this is important because Google ranks web PAGES not just websites. There is no downside of having an XML Sitemap and having one can improve your SEO, so we highly recommend them.

  • Integrate Social Media Into Your Website’s Design

Search engines value social media, as do your prospective customers. Incorporating social media elements into the design of your website will help it to rank better with search engines. When designing your website, make sure that you include your social media icons and, for all of your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. This will not only rank your site more highly among search engines, but it will also show your potential customers that your company is personable.

  • Keyword Research

Which is a big part of SEO xml sitemap and making sure that it sells, and people know about it.  In order to do a lot of the other things on this list effectively, you need to first have a clear idea of the main terms and subject areas you want to focus your SEO efforts on. A number of SEO tools provide keyword suggestions and data on the amount of traffic and competition you can expect to deal with for each keyword. Most of them will cost you a subscription fee, but you can use Google’s Keyword Planner.

  • Target Primary Keywords For Each Page

To avoid competing against yourself, choose unique ones for each page this means your initial keyword research can help you gain an overall picture of the language to use when building your website, but it’s also good practice to choose a target keyword for each individual web page on your site, this can be the best decision you ever made for SEO xml sitemap .

  • Optimize Title Tags

Try to keep your title tag short google will only display 50-60 characters on the search engine results page and even less of the title tag will show up in the tab at the top of your browser The title tag is part of the website Google looks at to learn what the page is about, which makes it another good spot to use your target keyword.