SEO for publishers in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for publishers in Johannesburg

SEO for publishers


SEO for publishers is a necessity for all digital content creators. It can be a challenge to keep up with the changing demands of the SEO algorithm and knowing the SEO practices that most benefit news publishers. It is extremely  important to know that it needs to be done. There are many tips that can help you survive in the very demanding and changing SEO for publishers. The first thing to do is to get the right digital marketing agency that is both experienced and qualified to fulfill your needs.


Keywords Research

Before you begin any SEO work on-site or off-site, you need to start with research. Keyword research and competitor research is crucial to the success of an SEO campaign. Research is the most important piece of SEO. Targeting the wrong keywords can ruin your campaign by generating low quality traffic and few conversions, and no business wants that. Find keywords for your homepage and product pages.


Author bios are essential

People feel more engaged when they know who wrote the content they are reading and be able to conduct research about them. Google appears to be using author pages as a means of evaluating expertise and authority on a subject. They’re following the by lines for sure. It’s proven as much as you can prove in SEO, he said. Author bio pages should include credentials and establish expertise on a topic. It should also include all of their articles.


SEO for publisher’s website is often a challenge. It’s not the same as optimizing a small SaaS business website or a big e-commerce store for the search. Publishers mix out significant amounts of content on a daily and weekly basis, because volume plays an important role in their strategy. If they’re going to compete in this over saturated landscape, news websites need to increase their output and cover everything that’s happening in their community.


SEO for publisher need to create different categories and tags. Categories are used for broader groupings of your posts, while tags are meant to describe specific details of individual content pieces. Both of these groupings help organize your content in a way that’s logical and accessible to both users and search engines. Having clearly defined categories is a MUST for news websites. Most readers only care about specific topics. They don’t want to go through dozens of pages to reach their desired content.


Writing SEO for publishers comes naturally, as soon as you understand the benefits. In order to make the output SEO-compliant, editors and journalists don’t have to waste hours of their precious time on optimization.