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SEO For International Sites And Markets In Johannesburg

SEO For International Sites And Markets


International search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can identify the countries you wish to reach. It helps you rank your site for a specific country through preferred keywords in different languages. SEO for international sites / markets involves coming up with content that’s relevant for users in different targeted areas and time zones who are using several languages and currencies. Depending on your available resources, you could tailor your content separately for each region. If you’re trying to sell products or services in foreign markets, you need to be ready for trading and have that process really nailed down: you need to be able to handle inquiries, calls, business prospects, complaints and all.


You Might Be Wondering Who Needs SEO For International Sites / Markets?

It is simple any business targeting multiple countries and looking to expand globally. A business like this should make use of international search engine optimization. You should choose this option if any of the following applies to you:

  • Your business has a significant worldwide customer base.
  • You’re trying to extend your reach to new international markets.
  • You operate business locations in different countries.
  • You have customers speaking first languages other than English.


For your SEO for international sites / markets strategy to be successful, it’s important that you put together an effective plan. Follow these steps to establish a SEO campaign that works:

  • Research

It’s imperative that you begin your SEO for international sites / markets process with research. This will help you identify the potential in each targeted region of the globe. Research will prove valuable in setting your company’s priorities and goals.

  • Targeting

Next, you’ll target the countries where the keywords have sufficient organic search volume. Make sure keywords are not only relevant, but also reasonably competitive. If the organic search volume is not enough to target one specific country, you could start off with a language-based targeting process.

  • Messaging

Language plays a significant factor in the development of an individual’s personality, outlook on the world and perception of themselves. Starting with language-based targeting could be a good option because it enables you to first garner the ideal traffic and conversion traction. You can then move on to a country


It is essential to know that a successful SEO for international sites / markets plan involves using the right URL structure based on your targets. Before diving into the technicalities, there are a couple of infrastructural considerations that I’d like to address, as I have seen businesses that unfortunately forget to acknowledge these, which has led to some teething problems that international SEO alone could not address.