SEO for Google sites in Johannesburg, Gauteng

SEO for Google sites in Johannesburg

SEO for Google sites


SEO for Google sites or better known as search Engine Optimization of Google Sites is not like the SEO of other websites platforms like WordPress, or Wix. There are many reasons beyond this, some of it is simple because google don’t have the control on page HTML and cannot work with the key tags of SEO like <meta> tag.  This does not mean that you can’t rank up your Google Sites website in search engines. You can optimize the Google Sites and do it very well. You need to understand some basic guideline about SEO of Google Sites.


The truth is SEO for Google sites is not a quick or short-term tactic. It takes time and consistent effort. But the payoff is significant for those who want to reach more potential customers online. By optimizing your site and blog content for search engines like Google, you can work to expand your reach and drive more relevant traffic to your site. Getting you one step closer to solving your wonders of how to improve Google search results for your company.


SEO tips in SEO for Google sites guide are very useful if you read and apply them on your Google Sites website and you will get good ranking in organic search results.


Here are some of the tips you can use to improve your site:

  • Start With A Solid Site Structure

You might be wondering how to improve Google search results for your business. The first step is to start with a solid foundation for your website structure. No matter how much quality content you produce, your SEO efforts will go unnoticed by Google if you have poor website structure.


  • Conduct A Technical SEO Audit On Your Website.

Though you can conduct a technical SEO audit for your own site, many businesses choose to work with an experienced SEO company instead. This allows you to see where your site stands when it comes to SEO. You can then make adjustments to improve your chances of ranking higher on the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). If you choose to work with an SEO agency like who will also provide recommendations as part of your SEO audit. A comprehensive technical audit involves taking an in-depth look at different aspects of your site such as crawl errors, indexing, and hosting. A full-service audit will also include a look at different aspects of content and linking that also impact your SEO.


  • Fix And Re-Write Any Duplicate Content On Your Site.

Though not necessarily a technical issue, duplicate content is often related to some of the technical SEO for Google sites issues that your business might encounter.