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Mobile app targeted marketing


The moment you decide to have a mobile app you should at least know two things for show, what your app is for and who are you targeting? This comes way before the app is created and done it serves as a guideline for you to know who to market your app to. Mobile app targeted marketing helps to fight the common mistake of app owners wasting money in marketing their mobile apps. As part of the priority Fast Forward Marketing will study your app and your goals, research about the right ways to market your apps and then act accordingly guided by your go ahead.

This article is going to highlight the importance of finding the most fitting Mobile app targeted marketing, as well as provide tips on how to efficiently do the market research and find the audience that will lead your app to success. Properly doing your Mobile app targeted marketing and the findings you get from it will be extremely important since it will allow you to have a better understanding of how your customers think and what they will expect from your app.


The advantages of knowing your audience:

  • Creates a product your audience will need, rather than create something you think they might need
  • Increases your chances of launching a successful and lucrative app
  • Allows you to effectively and efficiently launch marketing campaigns in the most appropriate and fitting channels
  • Get the best app specifications ready by helping you develop your best monetization scheme and strategy


Fast Forward Marketing does all the research for the client and then present audience demographics and behaviours. When doing the research, it will be important for you to identify certain details about your target audience that will allow you to identify them more easily such as the gender, race, location, age and even socio-economic status.


How to choose the perfect Mobile app targeted marketing platform for your app?

The first thing to adopt about this topic is knowing that it’s time to let go of your fear of digital marketing channels and give your competition a run for their money. Focus on your marketing goals and make initial assumptions about which marketing channels you feel may be the right ones.


Here is a list of factors to consider when choosing your Mobile app targeted marketing:

  • Cost-per-thousand – cost per thousand impressions.
  • Minimum investment – some media outlets require minimums.
  • Length of campaign
  • Reach – unique viewers, not overall total impressions.
  • Frequency – needs to match the objective and factor in channel.
  • Number of total channels – impacts reach and frequency of all channels
  • Message type – viewer impact and cost of production.