Mobile app reviews

Mobile app reviews


Mobile app reviews are very important because they serve as a guideline for the interested customers who might be interested in buying something your mobile app sells. Basically, Mobile app reviews are messages from people who have visited your mobile app. Mobile app reviews showcase users experience. Essentially, good customer reviews are vital to increasing your app’s downloads and ranking in the app store. The app store is crowded, so the opinions of others help your product stand out and succeed. Businesses are both challenged by and dependent on reviews for their mobile app success. To illustrate the critical need for gathering and implementing user reviews. When Fast Forward Marketing creates apps for clients, they put huge emphasis on its design and practicality.  is essential that the apps are designed in such a way that people that visits the mobile app they would want to visit again and refer others to check out your mobile app and provide clever ways to increase mobile app reviews.


Here are some of the ways to improve mobile app reviews:

  • Use an app review plugin

The quickest, easiest way to get an app review from someone is to ask them to do it within your app, so it is advisable that reviews are done direct from the app without having to follow a certain link to achieve this.

  • Make reviews as easy as possible

Complication irritates everybody including you I am sure. The only way to get users to review your app was to ask them to go to the app store, find your app, create an account, and fill out a review based on their experience.

  • Time the Prompt

A better way to ask for the review is to wait until the user has accomplished something within your app or finished with his/her intended task. While review prompts are a great way to remind users to leave a review, it’s also important to time the prompts properly within the user experience. Mobile app reviews help to sell your app to help make money and make it trend. Many mobile app companies make the mistake of asking for reviews upon the user launching the app. Unfortunately, this makes for a poor user experience, and users are less likely to leave a review because the app is interrupting the normal user flow. Businesses use a variety of methods to gather user reviews on especially mobile apps. This includes push notifications, social media and other forms. The majority of businesses actively implement feedback from reviews into their apps, showcasing the importance of customer feedback.