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Mobile app retention


Mobile app retention provides genuine insight into the success of an application. Low app engagement and retention are a recipe for failure, while high engagement and retention equal the opposite. Mobile app user retention means as a user that returns to the app at least 1x within 30 days. It’s important to note that every brand will have an individual definition of engagement as retention, depending on the nature of the app. When discussing the topic of Mobile app retention there are many questions that may arise from interested parties who want to grow and develop their apps for better use. To help ease the process and answer the most common used questions when discussing this topic:

  • How is Mobile app retention calculated?

A retention rate gives a number to the percentage of users who are still using an app after a certain number of days after install. The figure is calculated by counting the number of unique users that trigger at least one session in one day, then dividing this by the number of total installs within a given cohort.


What is a good Mobile app retention rate?

Basically, a good app retention rate depends on the app’s industry, user base, business model, and definition of retention. For some apps, retention is about recurring subscriptions. For others, it’s about one-off visits or purchases. Product teams should benchmark their retention against similar companies in their industry. In e-commerce, for example, 33 percent retention is considered excellent. Comparing retention rates can be difficult. Retention, typically expressed as a percentage, measures how many users took an action and then returned and took a subsequent action. Each company may have a different definition for ‘an action.


What factors lead to higher Mobile app retention rate?

There are many of factors that affect app retention, but for most apps it comes down to whether users find value in the product they offer or how useful the app is.


What questions to ask when considering the factors lead to higher Mobile app retention rate?

Does it make their lives easier? Does it provide a utility they cannot live without? Is the app so engaging they can’t put it down? To improve retention, product teams must try to understand where users find value in their product and deliver more of those experiences.


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