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Mobile app marketing mix


What is mobile app marketing mix?

A marketing mix is the integration of the marketing principle of the Four Ps (product, price, place, promotion). These four Ps helps your mobile by little details like instead of focusing on the business, it aims to see marketing from the perspective of the customer. This marketing mix are determined to change the turnover of your business and create traffic to it while bossing its downloads. Mobile app marketing mix is made up of different strategies, tools, tactics, and methods used by entrepreneurs and companies to showcase their products and services to the market. It only considers the variables that you have control over. Understanding and having a good marketing mix is key to developing a strong and effective strategy for delivering the right message to your audience.


For your app to stand out from the competition, it’s not only necessary to have a great idea and value proposition. The mobile app marketing mix is essential for the construction of an effective, intuitive, and profitable app for your business. You need to build a rock-solid marketing strategy from start to finish.


Fast Forward Marketing assists your mobile app by implementing the Four P’s of marketing:

  • Product

The product should work effectively, satisfy customer demand, and provide the solutions to customer problems. The product in this context is your app. Ask these questions: Do your customers really need a native app? Is an app the best way to bring your products/services to them?

  • Price

The price of your app should allow you to turn in a profit while providing your customers value for their money. It needs to be correctly pitched. You should also take into consideration factors like market share and competition. Remember: there are millions of apps out there. Is your app worth paying for? Can you make it free? If you make it free, will you allow ads to populate it? How are your competitors monetizing their apps?


When pricing your app, there are four major models that you can follow:

  • Paid app downloads in the app store
  • Free subscription-based app
  • Free app with in-app purchases
  • Free app with ads
  • Place

Make your product easily available for customers through different channels. Or, alternatively, focus only on the most effective ones. This can be on your website, e-commerce store, apps, social media, etc. Lastly, keep it in mind that developing your marketing mix is intensive, but it’s integral to attracting and retaining users. Picking a great team to build your app and working with a reputable development agency will help you construct a marketing strategy that’ll get your app off the ground.