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Mobile app marketing best practices


Mobile apps are in demand and it is safe to say that even South Africa has finally seen the light of the importance of them and how they make life simple. As the market for mobile devices and smartphones continues to grow everyday therefore, mobile app marketing best practices to ensure that the mobile apps fulfill its purpose. According to a study done by BORN TO INVEST the mobile app downloads and returns are expected to rise to over 258 billion by 2022. This mean competition will rise and to survive you will need to have the best mobile app company by your side, Fast Forward Marketing take pride in achieving each of your goals and implement mobile app marketing best practices.


Here are some of mobile app marketing best practices that will help your app stand out from the competition.

  • Learn about your audience

Generally, understanding who you’re marketing to should be the starting point of any marketing campaign regardless of what it is you’re marketing. You must incorporate audience insights into your market research- Don’t just ask your panel what they think of your app; ask them about themselves too and pay close attention to the responses given by those who seem most excited about your app. Look at who’s using your competitors’ apps.


Tools like Similar Web and YouGov Profiles offer detailed insights into the audiences of big-name products and brands, and those audiences’ interests.

  • Plan Ahead

Anticipation sells always keep this in mind. And ask yourself when is the best time to start marketing? It really depends on how quickly you’d be able to deliver the finish, market-ready product, but you ought to formulate a cohesive marketing strategy at the time of conceptualization.

  • Optimise your mobile app

You need to make sure that your app is properly optimized for searches on the most popular app stores. Mobile app store optimization is important because that’s how people discover you. Instead of spending thousands on ads, you can optimize your app and garner a considerable amount of searches towards it through app store optimization.

  • Influencers

Social media influencers makes apps sell and get recognition. There are plenty of people with a substantial amount of following on different social media which would agree to work on some sort of revenue share agreement. The best thing about this is that you’d have to grant them access to your app, they’d review it and post their thoughts to their audience. And also most of them don’t require initial payments, you can work on a deal with them to be your app brand ambassadors or pay them in forms of giveaways that will promote your app.