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Android App Marketing Strategy In Johannesburg

What is Android app?

Android is defined as an open source mobile operating system with a massive user base and simplified mobile app development process. Enterprises are leveraging Android and creating custom mobile apps that solves customer problems and increases the value of their business. The best thing about android is that it is free and an open platform for anyone. It is an open source solution for mobile devices offering a complete software stack including operating system, middle ware and key mobile applications. A successful Android app marketing strategy is to understand one thing, that there is no amount of marketing, advertising and promotion that is going to make a bad app popular. The first step in promoting your app is to build an app that is worth promoting.


The Best Android App Marketing Strategy You Can Use Includes But Not Limited To:

  • Advertising

Advertising is the mother of all when it comes to an Android app marketing strategy because it allows you to determine whether your app is worth downloading or buying from. Naturally, the simplest way to promote your app is to use mobile advertising. If your mobile device already displays apps then you can use the same mobile platform to promote your app. With the help of Fast Forward Marketing with an advanced Android app marketing strategy you should learn about different types of marketing platforms, pay special attention to Google’s Admob and pop up ads.

  • Multiple Sales Channels:

Unlike other mobile platforms, Android app development Services can be deployed in different ways. You do not have to rely on a single market to distribute your applications. You can use a third-party application marketplace (especially in Google Android Market), but you can also form your own distribution and sales channel: applications for vertical markets, to develop new application stores, and also place it on your website. You build it, you publish it.


Native apps are developed for a single mobile operating system exclusively for a particular platform or device. Native apps built for systems like iOS, Android, Windows phone, The Main advantage of native apps is high performance and ensuring good user experience as developers use native device UI.


How To Create A Android App Marketing Strategy?

  • Create A Demo Video

Videos are an easy way for you to showcase everything your beautiful and well-built app has to offer. For your demo video, create a simple 30 second commercial and assign a team to work on the development of the commercial.

  • Apply for Awards

Participating in app awards is the most recommended channel and I would highly suggest you take advantage of it. It can give you tons of press, exposure, reviews and plenty of downloads.

  • Reach Out Like

Don’t rely on android App Stores alone. Explore Google’s search engine and can do wonders for your app.