Digital Marketing for Private Schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Private Schools in Johannesburg


Over the previous years, private schools have been moving away from the old marketing techniques such as television spots, newspaper ads,brochures and billboards. Since the marketplace is growing and becoming more crowded, it has become rather hard to stand out and be different from other businesses.  These old techniques of marketing are mostly expensive, at the same time the results are often difficult to track as well as to measure. It is recommended to rather begin using Digital Marketing for Private Schools of which is at a low cost and a rather measurable way that can help reach more  prospective parents online. Below are a few strategies for Digital Marketing for Private Schools.


  1. Define Your Unique Parent Persona


If your role at a private school puts you face-to-face with parents and families on a regular basis, you probably have a very good idea of your target recruitment audience. However, if you report to other stakeholders, a board, perhaps it can be very helpful to formalize your observations by creating official parent personas. The personas you develop will help guide and justify the student recruitment marketing tactics you choose.


  1. Publish Blog Posts to Help Parents Discover You Online



One of the best ways to reach out to your personas online is by blogging on a regular basis. Blogging is an essential tool for Digital Marketing for Private Schools for several reasons :


  • Blog posts help raise your visibility online so your website appears higher in search engine results pages especially when you optimize them for SEO by including important keywords in your titles, subtitles, and building internal links throughout the body of your posts.
  • Regular blog posts are a great way to speak directly to your parent personas’ goals and concerns for their child. When you publish high quality posts that reflect those needs, you show that your school’s interests are aligned with those of your target audience. This builds confidence in your educational vision and approach


Your blog should focus on the issues and questions your parent personas are talking about most during the inquiry process.


  1. Leverage Online Ads to Directly Target Your Parent Personas


Paid Search, or Pay-per-Click advertising is cost-effective, completely measurable, can be customized to reach your audience, and is proven to help schools generate inquiries online which is another way of achieving Digital Marketing for Private Schools.

In addition, with PPC, your ad will automatically appear at the top of Google search results, which immediately improves your chances of getting noticed by parents during their online research process.