Digital Marketing for Landscaping in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Landscaping


In the past landscaping has mainly depended on the old techniques of marketing, such as print, brochure marketing and word of mouth to be successful. And yes it is always of great importance to keep your customer’s happy as well as asking them for referrals, but it is not rather a confirmable marketing strategy that can grow your landscaping business. Digital Marketing  for Landscaping can do a great difference in the success of your business. Below are some tips on how to achieve a successful Digital Marketing for Landscaping.


How to get your landscaping business on the first page of Google

Paid listings. This section of the search results is based on a bidding system called Google AdWords. Each advertiser specifies how much they are willing to ‘pay per click’ (PPC) when the keyword is entered by a searcher. There is no fixed monthly fee for showing in the paid listings, instead you pay every time someone clicks on your website link.

PPC is a good way to market your landscaping business, but it should be used as a short term solution, as there are landscaping keywords that can be very pricey.


Google maps. The three map listings are very important for landscapers and local businesses, as they appear anytime Google thinks local results are most relevant. Google knows someone searching for ‘Landscapers + your city’ are looking for local landscaping companies in their area, and shows the map listings accordingly.

You must submit your landscaping business information on “Google My Business” to be able to appear in Google maps. Unlike paid ads the map listings are ‘organic’ meaning websites are placed according to Google’s search formula.


Organic listings. The websites you see in the organic listings (and maps) are there because Google believes they are the best quality and most relevant to the search intent. The process of earning your place in Google’s organic and map listings is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Landscaping SEO is a medium – long term investment, once you earn a place in Google’s search results there is no cost per click to stay there.


Where do people click? Paid listings attract around 30% of the clicks with the other 70% going to map and organic listings.


Copywriting for landscaper websites


Digital Marketing for Landscaping also consists of the average landscaping websites having just a handful of pages, home, services, gallery, contact, and maybe an about us page. Show Google you deserve to be ranked ahead of your competition by creating pages with the information people are looking for.