Digital marketing for Bakery in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital marketing for bakery in Johannesburg


Good images sell, that’s one thing to remember when you are wanting to sell your bakery online. This is non-negotiable all a bakery needs are an exceptional digital marketing for bakery to gain a loyal following and attract new customers. You can be surprise how online marketing can dramatically increase your customer base for less than the cost of conventional advertising. Many small businesses do not understand how online marketing works, however, consulting Fast Forward Marketing a web marketing campaign takes quite a bit of work to complete, so follow the right strategies to make sure your valuable time isn’t wasted.


Social networking and posting photos & video regularly

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are your best friends, you need to invest in them and advertise these accounts in your bakery and encourage customers to “Like” or “Subscribe” to you. Use social networking sites to announce special deals, new treats, contests and changes in store hours. Some businesses offer one-time discounts or free items to customers who subscribe on social networking sites. The main purpose of shooting videos and clicking photos to put the Freshness and luring aroma of freshly prepared cookies, cakes, bread, pastries, cupcakes etc. These photos and videos will surely attract the sweet tooth people. It should be interactive and have an emotional touch also.


Different ways to attract customer online for digital marketing for bakery:

  • Keep the quality of photos and videos top-notch, this will reflect the quality of the product produced in the bakery to the online customer. Always watermark photos and videos before publishing them on social media.
  • Posting photos and videos regularly on your website, Instagram and Facebook pages or any other social media account will remind the readers to order that special cake or to check out a new cupcake flavour and will get them through the door.
  • Upload the tutorial videos for your customers to make those lovely and luring products at home as well. This will help you to connect with them personally and emotionally.


Use of keywords and implement SEO

Fast Forward Marketing makes sure to create content that will make your bakry business unique and increase your turnover. It good to understand that if SEO is applied appropriately then you can easily target the potential consumers and can convert them into permanent customers. If SEO is not implemented properly then, search engines will not address your and simply pass over.

  • Google is the most-used search engine and following steps should be followed:
  • List your business on Google and start Google+ page.
  • Get Google Analytics to track the traffic flow and bounce rate.