Digital Marketing for Architects in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Digital Marketing for Architects in Johannesburg


Digital Marketing for Architects consists all the strategies of which are used by architect firms to find and keep many customers online. It has become very popular with architects as it is beneficial for.  Listed below are the strategies that can be found in Digital Marketing for Architects


  1. Emailing newsletter


The best way to digitally market your firm  is to send an email newsletter to the people who can become your lead clients. Getting a newsletter regularly will keep you in their mind and when they will need an architect. You can get the emails of many people with the help of networking or through email signups.


2.Establish communication


A business will grow only when the clients or the customers are happy with the services provided. Digital Marketing for Architects allows you to remain in constant communication with your present customers as an architect. You can get their feedbacks on daily basis or you can answer their queries. This will increase your customer satisfaction and they will recommend you to other people as well.

Digital Marketing for Architects allows an architectural firm to see the accurate results in real time. Suppose, you published an advertisement related to your new product in a newspaper, you would never know how much of the people paid attention to it. With the digital marketing strategies, you will be able to know how much the advertisement was able to bring business opportunities.


3.Focus on networking:


Networking is an ongoing process. It is like planting a seed. You need to convey the information about you everywhere. You will get a client directly or indirectly from networking. Building relationships will help you in growing your business. While networking, be specific about the information you convey and it will help you build quality relationships.


4.Make your own website


A website which will explain all the details about the products and services you offer is a must. The website should be designed in a way that is understandable for the clients. Mostly architectural websites are only for the architects. Clients come to a company with their own perception and your work is to direct that perception towards your firm. Marketing overall includes the sum total of experiences your customers will have, the services they will receive and the quality of relationship they maintain with you.


5.Maximum use of Social media:


The importance of social media is hard to ignore. It is seen from many surveys that architects  are not much active on social media. Social media marketing is the most effective way of conveying the details about new products and services you offer. People usually spend a big part of their day on social media. It’s best to create a page or a group which will allow you to personally reach your clients.