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Build your app à la Carte

You have a unique project in mind ? Thanks to our no-code app builder, create your own app tailored to your specific needs.

Share your passion
Start from scratch or scale up an existing project

A built-in CMS to start your project

With 8 different content types (articles, videos, photos, sound, points of interests on maps, forms, events) and several templates, you have everything you need to create your own unique app directly from GoodBarber’s back office.

Go further with Integrations

If you already have an online presence, you can sync your favorite services with your GoodBarber app, and level up your project. More than 30 connectors (WordPress, YouTube, Vimeo, SquareSpace, Zapier, Make …) are available to customize your project.

Sell your products
Build your online store your way

The one-stop-shop

All you need to create a successful eCommerce app is already integrated in GoodBarber’s platform. Create collections, add your products, import/export catalog, discount campaigns, statistical tools, several payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and more)..

Scale up your project with automations and APIs

A no-code solution with Zapier and Make allows you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow. While a more advanced solution is available for developer with our Public API, allowing them to create custom integrations to deal with stock, orders, shipping tracking, products catalog

Make money with your content
Turn your content into a profit thanks to 2 monetizing built-in features.


Even if your app is free to download, you can earn a steady and reliable income by offering a subscription service to your users (in-app purchase). While certain sections of your app are free, users can upgrade to a paid subscription for full access.



The easiest way to earn money with an app. Simply Connect third-party services to generate revenue (AdMob, AdManager, Facebook) and manage your campaigns for each network and platforms.

Make money with your content

Turn your content into a profit thanks to 2 monetizing built-in features.

Instant 1:1 messaging in your app in a personalized conversation interface that respects the look & feel of your app.

Classify your users into different categories and create consistent audiences within your app. You define precisely the access rights of each group and manage your community the way you want it.

Authorize access to all or a part of your app only to users who have a username/password. Let your users introduce themselves by creating your own registration form or let them register through their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Apple)

Target your audience in one click

Easily communicate the right information to the right people

Publish your app

With GoodBarber, you’re present on the 3 main distribution channels: the App Store, Google Play and the Web. You benefit from both the notoriety of the Stores and the high traffic from the web. Our team is here every step of the way to guide you through the iOS and Android publication process

Promote your app

Widgets, sharing buttons, QR code, Universal links: All the tools you need to help you promote your app on social media or your website are available in your app back office.

Engage your users

With Push notification, the number #1 marketing tool for mobile and desktop is in your hand. Create communication strategies tailored to your users with scheduled push, or nudge your clients back to your app in one-click..

Why your company needs an app to communicate with its employees?


A vast majority of employees are not behind a desk every day. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 80% of the workforce is in this category. A company intranet limits accessibility to information. With an app, you can communicate with your teams anywhere ensuring your messages reach them.


Employees spend 9.3 hours per week on average searching and gathering information*. With an app, you can consolidate and centralise information so your employees always have it at their fingertips. Source McKinsey

Foster engagement

A app offers you the tools and the space for your employees to communicate in a safe environment and create connections between them. They can also comment on company news. This transparency will in return create a positive work environment

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