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Turn your passion into a profession

Creation, distribution, sponsoring: Manage your content from A to Z with an app

The added-value of an active community

More than just numbers, it’s the commitment of your community that your partners will value

Focus on the quality of your influence

You create content that brings people together and makes your community want to follow you. Offering an app to your community means offering them an incomparable user experience and a unique interaction with you. You create your private space, shared between you and your community.

Engagement generates more revenue than numbers

Using an app instead of a simple website is a proof of additional engagement from your community. Moreover, brands no longer rely solely on community size to select influencers. The focus today is on the relationship between the content creator and their community. Micro-influencers are more and more popular because they maintain a close relationship with their community. It proves to be effective and generates a greater involvement from subscribers

Easily manage your collaborations

Take advantage of tools adapted to fulfil your partnerships and share exclusive deals with your community

Easy and intuitive distribution of promo code

As a content creator, you build partnerships with brands that match your values and your brand. With GoodBarber you can share promo codes (physical or virtual) you’ve obtained for your community. You can create them, modify their status, and categorize them so that your followers can easily access what they are looking for. They won’t need to search through your different social platforms, all your goodies will be centralized in one place. The statistics tool allows you to analyze the performance of your discount campaigns to improve them and debrief accurately with your partners.Trulli

Create your own ads

Beyond promotional codes, GoodBarber gives you the possibility to use your app’s advertising spaces to highlight your collaborations. Create and manage your own ads campaigns to display interstitials or banners in your app. You control everything: the content of the ad, the visual, the display rules (number of impressions, number of clicks, time period)… enough to satisfy your partners! Trulli

Your entire brand in an app

Gather your content in a dedicated space for you and your community

Connect all your content sources to your app

If you create different types of content on different platforms, connect all your content sources thanks to our catalog of more than 30 connectors: Youtube, Vimeo, WordPress, and many more. That way, you don’t have to change your habits. Your content is automatically retrieved from your other platforms to your app. They automatically adapt to the design of your app to save you even more time.

Create content directly for your app

The integrated CMS allows you to create any type of content directly from the back office. It’s the perfect tool to create content exclusive to the app to reward your most engaged followers. Thanks to the CMS, you’re in control of everything: status management for each content, immediate or delayed publication, you’re the boss!

Facilitate access to your social media

Like any content creator, you work on your presence on different social media. Adding links to your different pages will allow you to facilitate access to your networks. Also, you have the possibility to add direct sharing links in each content page

Facilitate interactions with your community

Interacting with your followers has never been so seamless. Use the most adapted tools to communicate.

Direct communication thanks to push notifications

Whether they’re automatic or punctual, push notifications will be your best ally to keep in touch with your community. They are fast, immediate or scheduled and above all they arrive directly on your best support: your followers’ mobileTrulli

Interaction made easy

The Submit and Form sections allow you to collect content directly from your community. This is a great way to interact with them, for surveys, debates or giveaways. Trulli

Be present on the App Store and Google Play

GoodBarber allows you to tap into not only the web, but also native iOS & Android apps.


High-performance native apps

Native apps guarantee the best user experience for each platform. Your content will be perfectly adapted to the devices used by your community. Moreover, at GoodBarber, everything is designed for speed and stability, and our development team regularly conducts advanced performance tests to maintain this high standard.

Be present where your community is

As you can see from your social media statistics, your community loves mobile more than anything. More intuitive, easier to access, mobile is the most used medium. Whether native or web-based, your GoodBarber app is designed for mobile and provides your community with an outstanding experience on mobile.

Analyze your performance

Capitalize on your statistics to better understand your community and its expectations

Internal statistics

Use the GoodBarber Statistics tool and analyze the number of launches, unique sessions, page views… Filter your results by period or by platform. There is no time limit to keep your app statistics. Export your app statistics in .csv format for further analysis in another tool.

External statistics

You can use Google Analytics to get additional statistics about the use of your app. For native versions of your app, connect Firebase Analytics, Flurry or and get more information about the performance of your content and the behavior of your community.

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