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Mobile Apps for any type of business
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Win more customers, subscribers, leads, visitors, orders, members, … by adding a mobile application to your business.

Whether you are a business offering a service / product or a student trying to start a part-time hustle, our affordable apps are the preferred choice.

A mobile app is the best way to literally be ‘in the palm of your customer’s hands’ and with push notifications, you are always Top-of-Mind, reminding them to purchase!

Available on both Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (IOS).

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App for any industry | Work or play

eCommerce app

Bring your Online Store to mobile. Increase sales, conversions and revenue. Boost customer loyalty with a Shopping app.
eCommerce App


News, Publication app

Whether you are a Local News agency or a newspaper, reach your readers on mobile in real-time with a News app. Enhance user engagement with rich media content.Trulli


Content creators app

Engage your audience Content Creators App. A complete solution to meet the needs of bloggers, online publishers, authors, podcasters, YouTubers, and social media influencers.Content Creators App


Pickup & Delivery App

Take your business to the next level with a needed. Offer your local clients pickup options, store locations, delivery time slots, Offline payment.Pickup & Delivery App


Online Training App

Create eLearning platforms through a mobile app and make Online Courses or Online Training accessible from a smartphone, anywhere, anytime. Trulli


Internal comms app

Create an app for Internal Communication. Share Company news, promote collaboration and interactions within your teams via a mobile app. Transform your idea into a unique app.Employee Communication App


Restaurant app

Build a Restaurant app with Ordering tools and Home Delivery options. Upgrade your restaurant branding with a unique identity. Restaurant App


Radio / Church app

Stay connected to your audience: create your own Radio Station or Church app. Stream Live feeds and Podcasts. Monetize your radio station or Church with Advertising and Premium content.Radio, Church App


Custom App

Stand out from predefined templates. Build a tailor-made app for your business specific needs. Transform your idea into a unique app. YouTubers, course creators and social media influencers. Custom Built Apps

Creation of Beautiful Apps

We build apps following our design system, a set of rules to ensure good space management, a clear hierarchy and a good font and color management in your app. Our ‘Design Systems’ are the modern way to put the user at the center of the design process..



Available Extensions

Increases the power of your app with the large extension library

Your  app can be connected to a wide range of extensions. Whether you have existing content on third-party platforms (WordPress, Airtable, SquareSpace) or you want to achieve more in less time, thanks to Zapier and Make or you want to add an additional feature, there is an extension for that in the Extensions Store


In-app Purchase Subscriptions

Make money in your app with in-app purchases subscription


Appointment Booking

Display your availabitlity and let your customers book an appointment from your application



Authorize access to all or a part of your app only to users who have a surname/password



With the zapier extension, you have the ability to connect your app to thousands of others online services. Its the perfect add on to see.



We can convert your WordPress website into an App on both IOS and Android Stores.


Loyalty Program

Reward your customers and increase your sales

Very Fast Apps, powered by native technologies

We make use of native technologies so that your app is fast, secure, and perfectly integrated with the operating system of your end user. Doing so, your app benefits from all the innovations made by Apple and Google to provide the unique user experience only a native app can provide, with things like in-app purchases, one click checkout with Apple Pay, push notifications, offline usage, fast and smooth app browsing, a beautifully integrated design, etc.


Android Apps

Android apps are written in Kotlin, a modern and open source programming language to build first-class Android apps, with contributions from Google.


iOS Apps

iOS apps are written in Swift, the Apple technology offering unique capabilities to build stunning user experiences, tightly integrated with the iOS ecosystem.



We love the web too! We can also create a Progressive Web App (PWA), the modern way to make a website that behaves like an app. We chose Angular for this.

Popular App Features

Most of the basic features are built into the product, ie: sending a push notification, building a form, writing articles, posting videos, hosting your podcast, earning money with in-app purchases, making an e-commerce app, having an authentication system, having your user send you photos.

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The four functions of management include planning deciding business goals and the methods to achieve them; organizing, best allocation of people and resources.

Functions of management include planning deciding business goals and the methods to achieve them; organizing,

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