SEO Process: 5 (Super Easy) Steps SEO Process Johannesburg

SEO Process

SEO Process

How do we approach SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a complex and continuous process that requires a highly experienced search engine marketer to drive strategy and manage. We will help you develop your unique SEO Strategy and continually train you on SEO principles so that it becomes a natural part of your content/site development process.

Discovery & Audits

Our first step is to meet with you to understand your business, needs, and goals. Then evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, compared to your top competitors, we perform a variety of Audits including:

  • Content Audit
  • Velocity Audit
  • Technical Audit
  • Authority (Competitor) Audit
  • Social Audit
  • Local Search Audit (if appropriate)

SEO Strategy

At a high level, we will work with your team to ensure your organization’s goals are met through customer journey focused search strategies and ongoing planning.

Continuing from the SEO Audit insights, we perform deep industry, competitor, and keyword research to make you aware of current and future threats and identify ways we can help you take advantage of immediate and long-term opportunities.

Based on the audits, outcome of this further research, and your identified goals, we will craft an SEO Action Plan to prioritize and plan out SEO efforts based on value, complexity, resources, budget, and competition.

One of our essential strategic services is the Content Theme Strategy (CTS), which creates the foundation for further SEO execution. The CTS is a starting point for a focused content marketing program, which provides keyword guidance, discipline and focus for your content development efforts.

Beyond this we offer a variety of strategic enterprise SEO consulting services, such as a Business Opportunity Assessment that helps you understand your market share (by theme, top keywords, and long-tail keywords) and how much monetary value exists that can capitalize on with SEO and reduce your overall CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). This exercise helps you evaluate the strong potential ROI of SEO, and we can help you craft a clear business case for your executive team to help them easily understand the value of investing in SEO.

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